Why work with me?


Feel deeply seen, appreciated and cared for as we create a heart-to-heart connection and a space that brings out the best in you.


Reconnect with your unique soul essence and learn to use its infinite power to create your own version of paradise here on Earth.


Use your soul's power and guidance to align your life to your true calling, make lasting impact and create a better world for everyone.

Hey you!

My name is Zori and I see you. I really do because I am on a journey of heart, soul and purpose too and I know how it FEELS.

I know what it’s like to feel drained after long hours of work on something that lost its meaning for you. I know what it’s like to file that resignation, grab that backpack and go because you need a blank sheet to write something new on. I know what it’s like to stare at that blank sheet not knowing what to write. Or writing enthusiastically in the hope that this is FINALLY IT (until another idea hits). I know what it’s like to go through the wild rollercoaster ride to find that deep commitment to something bigger than you, and with shiny excited eyes ask ‘Now what? How the hell does this look in practice?’. The truth is that the journey never ends. Even after years on your path of purpose, challenges pop up and you have to find your way back to it again.

There’s nothing that brings me more joy in this world than transforming and walking this path together with you. I’ve worked hard on myself and my craft to create a unique process to keep you aligned with your purpose by working with the place where it is contained: your soul essence (you can also call it your core, subconscious, life force, gut feel – that part of you that loves what it loves and keeps guiding you towards assuming deeper responsibility for what you came on this Earth for, sometimes through pleasure, sometimes through pain).

The Soul Power Process

My work is always first and foremost inspired by YOU and wherever your unique essence and life situation guides us. Based on that, I create your soul alignment program, drawing inspiration from psychology (Jungian therapy, Cognitive-behavioral therapy, Hypnotherapy, Schema therapy), shamanism & soul work (Joseph Campbell, Michael Harner, Bill Plotkin, Carlos Castaneda), spirit work (Satya Narayan Goenka, Sadhguru, Esther Hicks), as well as energy stirring work based on different forms of exploration, art and playfulness. Through our work together, you will:

1. Gather motivation & momentum

for the fulfilment of your life purpose and get a roadmap of the steps ahead, whether you are just starting or you’ve been along your path for years;

2. Open space for the new

by shedding patterns, habits and beliefs that might have served you before, but are now holding you back from fully stepping into your soul power;

3. Reconnect to your soul

through mastering the different languages it uses to communicate with you (sensations, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, dreams, visions, signs etc);

4. Gain clarity of your unique purpose

with the guidance of your own deepest wisdom and true essence and see what you need to do to start moving towards it right now;

5. Learn new energetic models

as you consciously explore and dance along the spectrum of energies available to you so you can anchor the ones that support you in your journey

6. Create the reality you’d like to live in

align to your path of joyful service with support and accountability from a journey companion who sees you and knows what you are going through.

How long is it going to take?

It depends on you, how much work you’ve done before, the situation you are in and what part of the journey you’d like to get support with. Drop me a line and we’ll have a 20 min. call where you can get a sense of our dynamic and learn more about what we can do together (if you want to experience a free one-hour session instead, check the offer below). After that, you can get a package of 1 to 6 months, where we meet online 3-4 times/month, you get some soul-work to do on your own and can shoot any questions my way via email in between our calls. As a bonus, you will be among the first to get my ‘Soul Power’ playbook with 45 soul-activation principles, full of resources and practices you can dive into in your own time. 

Get 1 of the 5 free coaching sessions worth 100 EUR each I give away every month.

Jem Bendell

Jem Bendell

Sustainability Leadership Professor. Creator of Deep Adaptation Movement

"Zori helped me step into a new role in my life & career. She has great methods for coaching. But what's magical is her love. Her joy in supporting my journey feels like a blessing. Thank you, Zori, for changing the cosmos."

Dejan Milosevic

Dejan Milosevic

Freelancer & Traveller

"Zori had an incredible power of understanding what I was saying and immediately coming up with a perfect response and examples from her own experiences. So perfectly tailored coaching that I was under impression that she was reading my mind for a few days before each session. My life is definitely on an upwards path since our encounter, she's really capable of instigating something special and positive in me that has long lasting effects."

Pavlina Desheva

Pavlina Desheva

Entrepreneur & traveller. Founder @ Webdesh.com

"Being coached was a challenging experience for me, since I had set big goals and was anxious to get to them. I went through emotional roller coasters and Zori was always beside me to keep me motivated and accountable. She kept me aligned with what I wanted to accomplish, prepared me for the changes I was about to experience and shared the journey with me, giving me tools that I turn to when I need them to this day. She is friendly (always) and strict (when she needs to), developing and learning new things every day. These and hundreds more reasons make it great fun to work with her!"

Mircea Vadan

Mircea Vadan

Startup & Corporate Innovation Strategist. Founder @ Activize.Tech

"Zori is a really dedicated and amazing coach. She manages to sense people and ask the right questions in order to make them aware of their blindspots. Once brought to consciousness, she helps to trigger the change wanted by the coachee. Her process helped me discover and overcome blockers, both in personal and professional life, multiple times."

Rouzbeh Tavakkoli

Rouzbeh Tavakkoli

Transformational Facilitator. Founder @ Voicing Wisdom

"I’ve experienced Zori as an entrepreneur, facilitator and coach. What absolutely stands out is her seemingly infinite source of curiosity, creativity and agility. She naturally radiates love for life, courage and authenticity and has a sincere interest in the well-being and growth of others. Her workshops and coachings are incredibly empowering, as she has the humility to step back and allow others to discover their own truth. She listens with full attention of her mind and heart, and guides you through a transformation process in an effortless way. I absolutely recommend her to anybody willing to step out of the comfort-zone in a safe, kind and playful environment."

Stefan Dragomir

Stefan Dragomir

Non-formal educator & independent artist

"Zori is one of those people you just feel are special. She is very kind, wise and knowledgeable on a number of subjects. Her sheer life experience and intelligence make her a great coach and a wonderful inspiration, as proven in our coaching sessions. Would recommend her any day, to anyone looking to learn and better themselves."

Anca Neciu

Anca Neciu

Online entrepeneur & traveller. Founder @ Moving in Circles.

"Zori is one of the people on earth with whom I connect the most. Very deep, introspective, loving, kind, sincere, and always willing to share and grow together with others. Definitely an inspiration and a person to follow."

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