Soul Power coaching

Do you feel it’s time for you to meet your Power?

Are you willing to look her in the eye and ready to face the infinity in her gaze?

Are you humble enough to ask for her help?

Meet your Soul Power

There’s a point in the journey of aligning to your soul purpose where the necessity of meeting your Power becomes obvious. And just like any other meeting, when the timing is clear, all you have left to do is to pick the right space. Soul Power Coaching is a space where people committed to living their highest expression of heart, soul and purpose come to meet their infinite Power and establish a deep relationship with her.


Get the private setting to go deep, all the way to the core of your being where your core essence (Soul) is contained, so that you can move towards the unique magic (Purpose) contained there with absolute confidence.


Have someone who’s been there before sit with you and your Power and support you in learning her languages (beliefs, emotions, sensations, symbols), so you speed up the mindset, life and career changes to align to your Soul’s Purpose.


Get exactly what’s right for you in each moment as the coaching space shapeshifts together with you, so you can step into your highest expression and see your most fulfilling life grow out of you and into your physical reality.

Who is it for?

Soul Power Coaching is for people on a journey of spiritual awakening (seekers) and purpose alignment (visionaries). It is especially for those who are going through a phase of significant life and career transformation, the so-called ‘Hero’s Journey’ defined by Joseph Campbell. Whether you are in the early stages of this journey, looking to connect to a deeper sense of meaning, or later ones, looking for power to execute on your purpose and create a life of impact and fulfilment in line with it, Soul Power Coaching is for you.

If you feel a resonance with me and would like to tackle another kind of challenge (e.g. health, intimate partnership, money, etc.) you can still reach out to me. I will let you know if I can support you or recommend someone who can.

Get 1 of 5 free coaching sessions I offer this month.


What happens during sessions

Our work together is always first and foremost inspired by YOU and wherever your unique essence and life situation guides us. Based on that, we create your soul alignment program, drawing inspiration from psychology, shamanism & soul work, spirit work and energy work.

Gather motivation & momentum

for the fulfilment of your life purpose and get a roadmap of the steps ahead, whether you are just starting or you’ve been along your path for years.

gain clarity of your unique purpose

with the guidance of your own wisdom and core essence and see what you need to do to start moving towards it right now.

open space for the new

by shedding patterns, habits and beliefs that might have served you before, but are now holding you back.

learn new energetic models

as you consciously explore the spectrum of energies available to you so you can anchor the ones that support you in your journey.

MEET YOUR soul power

and master the different languages it uses to communicate with you (sensations, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, dreams, visions, signs, intuitive knowing etc).


take action and align to your path of joyful service to humanity and Mother Earth with support and accountability from a journey companion who sees you and knows what you are going through.

How long does it last?

A typical coaching program lasts 2 to 6 months. We meet online 3-4 times/month, you get some soul-work to do on your own and can shoot any questions my way via email in between our calls. Drop me a line and we’ll have a 20 min. call where you can get a sense of our dynamic and learn more about what we can do together.

If you want to experience a one-hour session instead, you can mention you’d like to request 1 of the 5 free sessions worth 100 EUR each that I give away for free each month.

Meet Zori

I’m Zori and I see you. I really do because I too am on a journey of heart, soul and purpose and I know how it feels.

I know what it’s like to wake up one day and realise there’s something important waiting for you outside the comfort of the life you’ve worked so hard to create. I know what it’s like to head into the unknown, following the call to meaning and purpose. And I know the wild, exciting and terrifying ride of aligning with what your soul came on this Earth to do. 

I want to ask you to take a deep breath and appreciate the amazing being that you are, the amazing courage you have to embark on this journey and the amazing distance you’ve travelled to get here! You are not alone – there’s many of us on this path. We are on a quest to transform our lives and humanity, to put heart and soul back at the centre of things.

If you find yourself on this path, it is my highest joy and calling to connect with you and hold space for you to step back into you soul power.