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conscious relating, shamanic practice & community for entrepreneurs, spaceholders, leaders and creatives: support the unfolding of the love that you are thru deepening your connection with self, other and nature




The Way of Connection

ALIVENESS thru connecting with self

Cultivate an abundant flow of life energy by meeting what is present for you. Allow it to guide you in returning to your center, wholeness and full capacity by revealing the parts of you that need your loving embrace, embodiment & integration.

AUTHENTICITY in connecting with others

Connect to your core, your authentic needs, desires, boundaries and the inner safety that allows you to become more of who you are in the presence of others. Cultivate a deeper capacity for meaningful connection, genuine intimacy and healthy relating.

INTERBEING by connecting with nature

Align yourself with Earth's infinite power and creative force by finding right relationship, intuitive guidance and support in what surrounds you. Open to co-create with it by embracing your unique position and deeply listening to Life's pulsing within and around.

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Hey you, I am Zori!

I am so happy you’ve made your way here! I don’t know why life is bringing us together at this point in your journey, but I have deep trust that our spirits wanted us to meet for a reason. 

My heart offers you a warm embrace and welcomes you exactly as you are in this here and now. Its deepest intention is to listen and speak to sacredness of life you carry and that we’ve all come here to honour, create and experience in all its colours.

My work is here to nurture and support you in giving yourself permission to keep unfolding, growing, emerging organically, at your own pace and outside of anyone’s processes and ideas of how this is supposed to look… into your whole, wild, authentic you… a unique and beautiful expression of our magical Earth waking up to Herself!

So welcome, friend! I notice a curiosity of connecting with you and exploring why you’ve been guided to my work. If you do too, I’m looking forward to hearing from you ♥

"All paths are the same: they lead nowhere. They are paths going through the bush, or into the bush. In my own life I could say I have traversed long long paths, but I am not anywhere. Does this path have a heart? If it does, the path is good; if it doesn't, it is of no use. Both paths lead nowhere; but one has a heart, the other doesn't. One makes for a joyful journey; as long as you follow it, you are one with it. The other will make you curse your life. One makes you strong; the other weakens you."

Carlos Castaneda

What is the Way of Connection?

There’s a deep, infinitely creative, wise and playful undercurrent of loving consciousness that everything we know arises from, and returns back to. We are part of it. We are it. We are constantly evolving and unfolding with it, as it, emerging from what we are being into what we are becoming.

By orienting ourselves towards connection, towards that which is alive for us in this moment, we align with this undercurrent. We align with nature, and with our own nature, thus allowing Life to move and surprise us with possibilities beyond what we can imagine and thus intend for when we are out of tune with it.

The Way of Connection invites us to deeply LISTEN to our innermost being and our unique context and consciously respond to what is here now. It is a choice to keep trusting, surrendering and choosing the Path that has a Heart in each moment and each turning point, weaving the most beautiful, authentic, courageous and unique story of the life we came here to live.



Sessions & Programs

Conscious Relating

for Spaceholders, Creators & Entrepreneurs

Individual & group journeys for those on a journey of creating the world they want to live in through relational leadership, i.e. cultivating conscious & loving relationships with self, other and nature. This is a space to nurture and replenish yourself, to reconnect to your wholeness, inner wisdom and power in an organic way. We follow what is alive for you to support your authentic unfolding, so you can re-pattern, heal and show up with more of yourself in the relationships that matter to you.

Shamanic Practice

for groups and individuals

Connect with your inner wisdom and self-healing capacities by working with altered states of consciousness & a variety of rituals. This can happen as a single session with a specific intention, or as a program to deepen your spiritual practice, online or in person, in Guatemala. Examples of this work include:

– intuitive guidance & energy work

– mushroom medicine sessions & integration

– inner dance

– shamanic drum journeying

– cacao ceremony

– fire ceremony & nature-based ritual

Mushroom Medicine

A private journey at beautiful Lake Atitlan

If you are interested in deeper healing through altered states of consciousness and are located or willing to come to Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, we can explore meeting the Sacred Mushroom spirit together, in an individual, couple, family or friends setting. We approach the medicine with respect and intention, combining ceremony and medicine-assisted therapy. This work happens in a beautiful safe and private nature-based setting right on the shore of Lake Atitlan. The journey includes preliminary conversation, proper preparation, mushroom medicine session, and integration.

Widening Circles: Mushroom Medicine

Online Spaceholders Community

An online mycelium of experienced spaceholders who share the values of authenticity, listening, interbeing, vitalness and emergence. In this edition, we focus on bringing together those who hold space for others’ healing & growth with the support of the Mushroom Spirit. We gather in an intimate group of peers over a period of 6 months in a spirit of mutual support, inspiration and cross-pollination to nurture our growth as humans, spaceholders and conscious business owners. 

The Art of Relating Program

12-week Online Experiential Group

According to Gabor Mate, we are all born with a need for attachment and a need for authenticity. In order to keep our relationships (attachments), as children, we learn to abandon ourselves (authenticity). In this program, with Tammy Chow we are co-creating a space that brings together somatic trauma healing with authentic relating & circling. Together, we will bring our relational patterns to awareness and give them space to heal and transform, so we can show up as our whole selves in relating. 

Want to explore working together?

Reach out to me for a free 20 min conversation so we can check in about how that can look. If you prefer, you can also book a session straight ahead and experience what it’s like to work together.

About Zori

Zori is a conscious relating guide, shamanic practitioner and founder of the Widening Circles online community. Her mission is to create spaces to explore and deepen connection with self, other and nature. She is devoted to serving conscious humans, creators, entrepreneurs and spaceholders who wish to replenish and empower themselves in walking a path of love and consciousness and creating the world we want to live in. 

Originally from Bulgaria, Zori got her MSc in Enginnering Business Management in Warwick University, UK and spent the first years of her career as an entrepreneur, running her own innovation consultancy and several IT startups. In 2017, she left the world of technology following her heart’s call for something that would feel more meaningful and authentic to her nature. Since then, she’s lived in Bali, Peru, Bulgaria, Romania and Guatemala and worked with thousands of heart-centered people in 1:1 and community settings, online and in person. 

Her approach draws inspiration from her training in Deep Transformational Coaching & Re:patterning, Inner Dance, Authentic Relating & Circling, Internal Family Systems, Mayan Cacao Ceremony, her guides and mentors, her prior work with Connection Playground and Deep Adaptation online communities, her own journey with shamanism, body- and nature-based practice, plant medicine, ritual and indigenous cultures, and her lived experience with navigating loss, grief and trauma.

Zori’s full name is Zornitsa, meaning Morning Star. She is dedicated to bringing a loving and curious sparkle of awareness to the movement from darkness to light, the awakening of human consciousness from the fascinating realms of the individual and collective unconscious.

In the spaces I hold, we look to Nature within and around as a teacher. We allow the process we follow to emerge out of the intention we set together and the present moment. 
My main intention is to create a space for you to connect to the one who knows within you. What is yours? 

What is alive for you right now?

The question that allows us to turn towards LIFE and let its infinite intelligence lead the way.

What's alive for me these days...

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