Check out the video above for Episode 12 of ‘Lessons in Paradise’. You will hear about:

– burning the house of unconditional love and allowing yourself to feel any kind of love that arises in you;

– past lives and experiencing the state of storilessness in order to gain the freedom to choose your stories;

– two kinds of walking meditations (pleasure & imperfection hunting).


About Lessons in Paradise

I believe we already are in paradise, regardless of where we are and what’s going on in our lives. I believe life is a journey towards becoming aware of this and enjoying as much of it as we can in the limited amount of time we have here. The ‘Lessons in Paradise’ vlog is the space where I share my process of shedding patterns and beliefs that obstruct our view in order to replace them with presence, awe and wonder. It’s also my invitation to you – an invitation to connect and journey together by sharing what we are going through and helping each other see through to the greatest expression of ourselves. Feel free to drop me a line or comment below or on youtube – I’d love to hear how what I’m sharing relates to your experience.


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