City-eating plants. Plant-eating humans. Human-eating cities. ??‍??

Today I got a feeling that I need to go on a city quest. You know, like a vision quest, but in the concrete jungle ? Not sure where I got this idea – it just hit me that the city plants wanted to lead me somewhere where they’d show me something important. ?

So I followed them around the streets of Bucharest. Anytime I’d come out on a cross-road, I’d just look for the plants that felt like they were saying ‘Come this way’. Sometimes I’d freak out there were no trees but I’d see some balcony begonias or something and go that way. Other times they’d be calling from all directions, so I needed to pay close attention which were the ones that spoke to my heart. They led me to a flower shop that smelled amazing and had a bee as a pet, to this stairway to heaven, through tree massacres, jolly cheeky adolescent trees, mature serious ones, old wise wizards, fearful bushes, gangs of weirdos and whatnot down through some unknown streets until I got lost. ?‍♀️?‍♀️

A little later I found myself – in the park. It felt like the entire park had gathered to laugh with me and at me as I realized I spent an hour walking towards that mystical place the trees wanted to take me to, only to end full circle.???

So here are the 3 messages I got from them today. First, rees will make you the best sightseeing route, better than any map, if you ask them. Second, you can go through a city feeling grey focusing on the buildings or you can go through that same city feeling green focusing on the plants. And last but not least – there is nowhere you need to get to.

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