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1:1 & group spaces for entrepreneurs, leaders, spaceholders & creatives to cultivate healthy, loving and fulfilling relationships with self, others and nature


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Heal & Grow thru the Art of Authentic Connection

ALIVENESS through connecting with self

Cultivate an abundant flow of life energy by meeting what is present for you. Allow it to guide you in returning to your center, wholeness and full capacity by revealing, embodying and integrating the parts of you that need your loving embrace.

AUTHENTICITY in connecting with others

Feel into your core, your authentic needs, desires, boundaries and the healing and inner safety that allows you to become more of who you are in the presence of others. Deepen your capacity for genuine intimacy and healthy relating in all aspects of life.

INTERBEING by connecting with Nature

Align yourself with Earth's infinite power and open to deeper belonging with yourself and the web of life. Find spiritual support, intuitive guidance and right relationship with ancestors, nature spirits and beings that are important to your journey and willing to help.

About Conscious Relating

We are relational beings existing in a web of interbeing. We have our primary relationship with ourselves and the many parts that constitute our being, we have our relationships with other humans, and we also have our relationships with the beings and forces of Nature. We also have our relationships with key concepts and aspects of life – home, family, love, money, work, spirit etc. Literally everything can be looked at from the perspective of relating in order to reveal our patterns, which when held in loving awareness can support our deepest healing and growth rippling out to all other aspects of our lives and supporting our unfolding into the highest expression of ourselves.

Everything we experience outside is a reflection of the relationship we have with ourselves. Whether we experience it to be within or reflected outside, every part of us is here to serve our unfolding, as long as we are able to meet it with respect and loving awareness. That meeting is oftentimes quite a ride, as it asks us to be with and honour the full spectrum of emotions that arise in our embodied experience as we let go of who we think we are and who we think the other is, in order to access the love, liberation and growth it holds.

The art of conscious relating is the art of living from our hearts, which also means taking the other as part of ourselves as the ultimate act of love and keeping on finding our way to right relationship with them.
Right relationship, as a concept in many indigenous traditions is about doing our part in weaving a harmonious and beautiful web of interbeing in service to the wellbeing of all. Sometimes right relationship means leaning in with vulnerability and opening to greater closeness. At other times, it means taking space or even walking away for good, as the most loving thing we can do. 


Relationships are also dynamic, which means we do better relationally when we are able to stay deeply present to ourselves and one another. Conscious relating invites us to develop a curiosity and commitment to meeting the truth of the immense inner landscapes of the mysterious beings that we are, as we evolve. It invites us to go beyond how we are used to defining ourselves and the other, and see what that truth is right here and right now through opening to listen and observe our our sensations, emotions, intuition and thoughts, to allow our life energy to flow and guide us in our next steps. It is a fascinating journey that allows us to grow with a deep groundedness as we honour and welcome all energies that emerge within ourselves and in our relating. It is a journey that never started and never ends, and one that I’d love to support you in, wherever you find yourself right now.

Hey you, I am Zori!

I am so happy you’ve made your way here! I don’t know why life is bringing us together at this point in your journey, but I have deep trust that our spirits wanted us to meet for a reason. 

My heart offers you a warm embrace and welcomes you exactly as you are in this here and now. Its deepest intention is to listen and speak to sacredness of life you carry and that we’ve all come here to honour, create and experience in all its colours.

My work’s intention is to nurture and support you in giving yourself permission to keep unfolding, growing, emerging organically, at your own pace. Outside of anyone’s processes and ideas of how this is supposed to look… into your whole, wild, authentic you… a unique and beautiful expression of our magical Earth waking up to Herself!

So welcome, friend! I notice a curiosity of connecting with you and exploring why you’ve been guided to my work. If you do too, I’m looking forward to hearing from you ♥

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1:1 Guidance

a regular space to connect to your center

 cultivate a loving & healthy relationship with yourself, bringing awareness and embodied healing to the parts of you that most need your attention
 connect with your authentic self, your needs, desires and boundaries, so you can communicate with others from a place of clarity, love and power
 bring consciousness and health to the relationships that most matter to you (eg. your partner, your family, your clients and colleagues etc)
 learn to stay present with yourself in relating with others, so instead of losing yourself, you find more of yourself through the art of authentic connection
 cultivate a relationship with God/Spirit/Nature/Universe, spirit guides and ancestors, so you can be deeply resourced in whatever you are navigating

 be with what is alive for you, giving it proper space and support, so the deeper layers of your embodied experience can show you the way to break free from repeating patterns and move forward in your natural organic unfolding

 stay on track with your intentions and what you know you want and deserve by creating a container for yourself to hold you in what arises in that journey

Live Circling Groups

authentic relating spaces (online & in-person)

Circling is a relational meditation practice to deepen into presence & connection. We slow down to observe the flow of sensations, emotions and thoughts in the context of relating, how we impact & are impacted by each other, cultivating:

• genuine & meaningful connection

• embodied awareness in relating

• healing of relational triggers and traumas

• self-acceptance, vulnerability & courage to express our truth

• skills for deep presence & intimacy with others

• listening & trust in the body

• aliveness & opening of our energy flow

• community & a sense of belonging

Join us online in Connection Playground, or in person in San Marcos la Laguna, Guatemala every Friday, 3pm at Sacha. For other collaborations, let’s check in.

The Art of Relating Program

12-week Online Experiential Group

According to Gabor Mate, we are all born with a need for attachment and a need for authenticity. In order to keep our relationships (attachments), as children, we learn to abandon ourselves (authenticity). In this program, with Tammy Chow we are co-creating a space that brings together somatic trauma healing with authentic relating & circling. Together, we will bring our relational patterns to awareness and give them space to heal and transform, so we can show up as our whole selves in relating. We start on Saturday, January 27th 2024 and are looking forward to seeing you there!

"What is alive for you right now?"



What others say

'Zori helped me step into a new role in my life & career, when what is now the Deep Adaptation movement was in its process of emerging. She has great methods. But what's magical is her love. Her joy in supporting my journey feels like a blessing. Thank you, Zori, for changing the cosmos.'
Prof. Jem Bendell
Strategist & Educator, Founder of Deep Adaptation
'Being with Zori is like being in a nourishing joyful room without judgement. It has deeply allowed me to open up to myself and to a wider context. I genuinely feel more whole and more part of life. Thank you Zori for exemplifying, living and breathing connectedness in all the ways that you do. '
Barbara Linde
Presence Therapist
‘Zori’s work is nothing less than life-changing. With her nourishing support and guidance, I've resolved many blocks that previously kept me from fully committing to my work and passion. A few months later, a lot has shifted in my life. I’ve launched new offerings I thought were meant to happen in the distant future. I feel empowered and better equipped to deal with challenges that may arise on my path.’
Tessa Sophia
Somatic Mentor & Intimacy Guide
'Zori had an incredible power of understanding what I was saying and immediately coming up with a perfect response and examples from her own experiences. I felt Zori was reading my mind days before each session. My life is definitely on an upwards path since our encounter, she's really capable of instigating something special and positive in me that has long lasting effects.'
Dejan Milosevic
IT Entrepreneur & Traveller
‘I’ve experienced Zori as an entrepreneur, facilitator and guide. What absolutely stands out is her seemingly infinite source of curiosity, creativity and agility. She naturally radiates love for life, courage and authenticity and has a sincere interest in the well-being and growth of others. Her workshops and 1:1s are incredibly empowering, as she has the humility to step back and allow others to discover their own truth. I absolutely recommend her to anybody willing to step out of the comfort-zone in a safe, kind and playful environment.’
Rouzbeh Tavakkoli
Founder of Voicing Wisdom
'I have lived most of my life in an unbalanced masculine way, always chasing "the next big thing" without taking time to breathe and listen. I didn't know how to get more in touch with my feminine sides and vulnerability. Zori has helped me, guided me, and given me concrete tools that have led me to feel more balanced and in touch with my authentic self, making me proud of both my feminine and masculine sides. I am impressed by how easily she connected to my energy when we only met online. I would highly recommend her!
Kristine Kotte
Writer & Activist
‘I am convinced that some mysterious unseen force brought us together with Zori. In our first virtual meeting, I felt a moment-to-moment attunement that I have rarely experienced before or since. Her sensitivity to my words was meaningful to me as a writer, and equally impressive was her sensitivity to both how I was saying things and what I didn’t need to say. Over just a few sessions, we covered vast internal landscapes that opened me up to my creativity, gumption, and playfulness and clarified directions for my business. Zori is a gifted, intelligent, open, and playful space-holder and anyone would be lucky to have the chance to work with her.’
Natalie Hung, PhD
Licensed Psychologist & Writer
'I worked with Zori for 2 years and the transformation I've gone through is quite fascinating. We've moved through so many shadows and, at times, intense pain and darkness -- always with gentleness and often with playfulness and laughter which has helped me navigate my inner landscape from a more grounded place. She's one of the most embodied, grounded, intuitive, and genuine people I've met, and her presence has created beautiful ripple effects on my life. She walks the talk and leads by example ❤.'
Ella Valfridsson
Holistic Healer & Reiki Master



About Zori

Zori is a Conscious Relating Guide, Shamanic Practitioner & Founder of Widening Circles online community, based in San Marcos la Laguna, GuatemalaOriginally from Bulgaria, with an MSc in Engineering Business Management from University of Warwick, UK, Zori spent her early career co-founding an innovation consultancy and several IT startups in her home country, Romania, Italy and Singapore. She slowly understood that making people’s lives easier through technology was not the way of her heart, but an expression of a deep loss of self resulting from childhood trauma, and it was time to dive into the unknown and find her authentic essence & service.

It was in Bali in early 2018 that she arrived to a point of clarity that in the face of mortality the only sane thing to do was to commit to living fully. To her, that meant exploring and deepening connection with self, other and nature and creating spaces to share it with others. From that awareness, she started holding space for individuals and founded the Connection Playground community (which began in Bali and later transitioned online, reaching thousands of people from all over the world): 

Her approach draws inspiration from 6 years of facilitating online and in-person spaces for authentic relating and various other 1:1 and community spaces, her training in Deep Transformational Coaching & Re:patterning, Circling Leadership, Inner Dance, Internal Family Systems, her work with body- and nature-based practice, plant medicine, ritual and indigenous cultures, and her healing through loss, grief and trauma.

In the spaces she holds, Zori is committed to fostering a way of living and creating in alignment with Nature within and around, from a place of attunement to our organic unfolding which she likes to call ‘the way of connection’. She invites an orientation towards what is present and alive for you, giving it the space it needs to support the continuous emergence of your most authentic and empowered expression in your relationships and creations.

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