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a 1:1 space for conscious entrepreneurs, spaceholders, community leaders & creatives to replenish and be supported in their intuitive authentic growth as humans and business owners

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Nurture your business & your human

Energy Work

Enter a space where both you and what you are creating will be held in your organic growth. Enabling what is emerging, nurturing what is growing, weeding out what is dying on a deep energetic level.

Visioning & Strategy

Making a shift? Creating? Expanding? Have someone with entrepreneurial background hold space & offer another perspective. Feel into your vision and options, bounce ideas & find the best way to go for you.


Stay on track with important projects and changes you are making. Build momentum through having a space to celebrate your progress and address what might be getting in the way of it.

This is for you if you...

 are an entrepreneur, solopreneur, spaceholder, community leader, creative professional or someone with a high degree of creative freedom & autonomy 

 are someone who is creating your own authentic path, growing yourself and your business organically and intuitively. You are ready to let the tools, structures, goals and strategies find their way in that, rather than looking for a comprehensive business process/framework to follow.

 are going through a major business transition, expanding, creating something new, renewing the way you present yourself and your work

 AND/OR are going through a major personal transition that affects or relates to your business (eg. grief, burnout, motherhood, major lifestyle change, relocation etc)

 are looking for someone to understand the entrepreneurial journey and hold space for both energy work and strategic questions and decisions that arise

 find it easier to maintain your level of energy and consistency in showing up for long-term dreams and visions when you have someone ‘on your team’

 are devoted to creating from your heart and serving the wellbeing of all through your work

 resonate with the values of aliveness, authenticity, emergence and integrity

Hey you, I am Zori!

I am so happy you’ve made your way here! I don’t know why life is bringing us together at this point in your journey, but I have deep trust that our spirits wanted us to meet for a reason. 

My heart offers you a warm embrace and welcomes you exactly as you are in this here and now. Its deepest intention is to listen and speak to sacredness of life you carry and that we’ve all come here to honour, create and experience in all its colours.

My work’s intention is to nurture and support you in giving yourself permission to keep unfolding, growing, emerging organically, at your own pace. Outside of anyone’s processes and ideas of how this is supposed to look… into your whole, wild, authentic you… a unique and beautiful expression of our magical Earth waking up to itself!

So welcome, friend! I notice a curiosity of connecting with you and exploring why you’ve been guided to my work. If you do too, I’m looking forward to hearing from you ♥


GET ON a FREE 20 minute call with me, so we can check in about working together and create a program with your intentions and needs in mind. if you prefer to have a full 1 hour session and take it from there, that’s also possible.

1:1 Coaching

a regular space to connect to your clarity

In this 1:1 setting, we co-create a space for you to:

 return to and replenish from when going through a major business and/or personal transition

 be with what is alive for you. Give it proper space and support, so you can find your way forward, energetically, strategically, practically in the natural unfolding of your life and business

 connect with your vision and intuitive authentic path when making important decisions with the opportunities and challenges that arise

 maintain accountability, so you can stay on track with your intentions and goals 

Contact me below for a free 20 mins checkin call so we can shape this space for you, based on your needs and desires.

One-off sessions

based on your unique needs and intentions

A single session, ideal for:

 sensing into whether you’d like us to work together longer-term

 important business decisions, or personal ones that affect your business

 reconnecting to your vision and inner guidance when responding to big opportunities

 creative blocks or challenges around sales, marketing, finances or something else in which you want to find your way back to ease and clarity

 re-centering, emotional regulation & reconnecting with yourself and how you wish to respond when faced with challenging events or circumstances

Widening Circles

Spaceholders' Community

A online mycelium network of coaches, therapists, facilitators and consultants with. We all have at least 5 years of professional experience and share the values of authenticity, listening, interbeing, vitalness and emergence. Join us in an intimate group over a period of 6 months in a spirit of mutual support, inspiration and cross-pollination to nurture our growth as humans, spaceholders and entrepreneurs.

"What is alive for you right now?"



What others say

'Zori helped me step into a new role in my life & career, when what is now the Deep Adaptation movement was in its process of emerging. She has great methods for coaching. But what's magical is her love. Her joy in supporting my journey feels like a blessing. Thank you, Zori, for changing the cosmos.'
Prof. Jem Bendell
Strategist & Educator, Founder of Deep Adaptation
'Being with Zori is like being in a nourishing joyful room without judgement. It has deeply allowed me to open up to myself and to a wider context. I genuinely feel more whole and more part of life. Thank you Zori for exemplifying, living and breathing connectedness in all the ways that you do. '
Barbara Linde
Presence Therapist
‘Zori’s coaching is nothing less than life-changing. With her nourishing support and guidance, I've resolved many blocks that previously kept me from fully committing to my work and passion. A few months later, a lot has shifted in my life. I’ve launched new offerings I thought were meant to happen in the distant future. I feel empowered and better equipped to deal with challenges that may arise on my path.’
Tessa Sophia
Somatic Mentor & Intimacy Guide
'Zori had an incredible power of understanding what I was saying and immediately coming up with a perfect response and examples from her own experiences. Perfectly tailored coaching - I felt Zori was reading my mind days before each session. My life is definitely on an upwards path since our encounter, she's really capable of instigating something special and positive in me that has long lasting effects.'
Dejan Milosevic
IT Entrepreneur & Traveller
‘I’ve experienced Zori as an entrepreneur, facilitator and coach. What absolutely stands out is her seemingly infinite source of curiosity, creativity and agility. She naturally radiates love for life, courage and authenticity and has a sincere interest in the well-being and growth of others. Her workshops and coachings are incredibly empowering, as she has the humility to step back and allow others to discover their own truth. I absolutely recommend her to anybody willing to step out of the comfort-zone in a safe, kind and playful environment.’
Rouzbeh Tavakkoli
Founder of Voicing Wisdom
'I have lived most of my life in an unbalanced masculine way, always chasing "the next big thing" without taking time to breathe and listen. I didn't know how to get more in touch with my feminine sides and vulnerability. Zori has helped me, guided me, and given me concrete tools that have led me to feel more balanced and in touch with my authentic self, making me proud of both my feminine and masculine sides. I am impressed by how easily she connected to my energy when we only met online. I would highly recommend her!
Kristine Kotte
Writer & Activist



About Zori

Zori is an Intuitive Business Coach, Shamanic Guide & Founder of Widening Circles online community, based in San Marcos la Laguna, Guatemala. 

With an MSc in Engineering Business Management from University of Warwick, UK, Zori spent the early years of her career running her own innovation consultancy in her home country Bulgaria. She then focused on the field of IT, co-founding and managing the strategic, business and operational aspects of several startup projects in Bulgaria, Romania, Italy and Singapore. She took all the knowledge and experience gained in her entrepreneurial journey and took a leap into the unknown to find a new purpose, a way of being and creating that would be more aligned to her heart and essence.

She found her new path in Bali, arriving to a point of clarity that in the face of mortality the only sane thing to do was to commit to living fully. And that living fully to her meant a deepening of connection with self, other and nature and creating spaces to share that with others. From that awareness, in early 2018 she started holding space for individuals in 1:1 coaching context and for community in her Connection Playground initiative (which began live in Bali and during COVID transitioned online, reaching thousands of people from all over the world): 

Her approach draws inspiration from her own entrepreneurial journey, her training in Deep Transformational Coaching & Re:patterning, Inner Dance, Authentic Relating & Circling, Internal Family Systems, her guides and mentors, her prior work with Connection Playground and Deep Adaptation online communities, her own journey with shamanism, body- and nature-based practice, plant medicine, ritual and indigenous cultures, and her lived experience with navigating loss, grief and trauma.

In the spaces she holds, Zori is committed to fostering a way of living and creating in alignment with Nature within and around, from a place of attunement to our organic authentic unfolding which she likes to call ‘the way of emergence’. She invites an orientation towards what is present and alive for you, giving it the space it needs to inform your forward movement in who you are becoming and what you are creating.

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I am currently based in San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala. Drop me a line if you are around - let's connect!

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