shamanic practice

online group programs

Deepen your connection with Earth, dream and body wisdom through nature ritual, altered states of consciousness and shamanic practice in a 12 week intimate group setting.


Ground in Earth Consciousness

Masterful Peer Support & Community

Weekly live circles with a group of carefully selected peers, where you hold others and are held in what is alive for you as a challenge, edge or exploration as a human, spaceholder & conscious entrepreneur.

Generative Dialogue on Emergent Topics

We come together to discuss, support and inspire each other in evolving our conscious service and relationship with the Mushroom Spirit. And to listen together to what it wishes to communicate to us at this time.

Refining our Unique Way of Serving the Medicine

Attuning to ourselves, the Mushroom Spirit and what we are encountering in our clients work in order to learn and grow with what we are finding in our direct experience.

Would you like to join us?​

JOIN OUR WAITLIST TO BE THE FIRST TO KNOW WHEN WE LAUNCH. our next 6 month cycle begins in early 2024. It includes weekly zoom gatherings for peer support & themed discussions, a whatsapp community space & more opportunities to connect and share with an intimate group of mushroom medicine facilitators with various backgrounds. 

Foundations Group

get started with shamanic practice

If you are new to shamanic work or wish to establish a clear safe container for it, this is a 12 week journey designed to support you in starting your personal practice & creating a relationship with the ‘one who knows’ within. It is a combination of live weekly intimate zoom calls to share and practice together, and some work you will do on your own out in nature. 
 connect to the ‘witch/shaman/magician’ part of your psyche & altered states of consciousness through your own direct experience

ground & arrive more fully where you are by developing your relationship with Sky, Earth and the 4 directions/elements vital to life and shamanic work

 • learn to open and hold a safe sacred space for shamanic work, cleansing, calling in ancestors and allies in the spirit world and creating your altar space

 experience powerful rituals you get to keep and use to rebalance your energy, consult your inner guidance, open your vision, clear energetic blocks, etc.

 deepen your relationship with a Nature temple (location of your choice, consecrated by you) that you can return to to replenish from in your own time

 connect with a community of individuals growing together & have a choice to continue sharing & practicing together.

Foundations Group Outline

Week 1: Opening Ritual

Connection with self & other, setting intentions & the container for our shared work. Practice: meditation, individual reflection, sharing circle

Week 2: Meeting the inner shaman/wise one

Get a direct experience of your inner wisdom and explore your relationship with him/her. Practice: inner round table (parts work)

Week 3: Opening your energy flow 

Connecting with the Heart of the Sky and Heart of the Earth and opening for a free flow of the upward (liberating) and downward (manifesting) energy streams in your body. Practice: inner nature & chakra cleansing

Week 4: WEST/EARTH: Relating with Nature Spirits 

Connecting with the spirits of a place or ones you wish to bring into your altar space, so you can establish a respectful & mutually supportive relationship. Practice: earth ritual, nature flow art

Week 5: NORTH/AIR: Liberating the Heart

Expand your capacity to hold all of yourself and move love and lifeforce energy through your system. Practice: holotropic breathwork

Week 6: SOUTH/WATER: Empowering the Heart

Connecting with the consciousness of water, establishing right relationship & asking for her support for your hearts’ deepest desire. Practice: water ritual

Week 7: EAST/FIRE: Establishing right relationship 

This is the core work of the shaman in a universe in which everything is alive, purposeful and equal. Practice: fire ceremony

Week 8: Gathering allies, protection & resources

Create an altar and a safe and empowering space for your shamanic work. Practice: 4 elements invocation dance

Week 9: Relating with Ancestors

Cleansing your family tree, transforming ancestral wounds and opening for the love & support of your ancestors. Practice: ancestor’s ceremony (with rocks)

Week 10: Shamanic visioning

Connect to the world you are dreaming into being and address your immediate blocks/fears to take action and move towards it. Practice: guided visualisation & ritual

Week 11: Dreaming Awake 

Immerse into the Great Within through drumbeat, intention and subconscious imagery work. Practice: shamanic drum journey

Week 12: Completion Ritual 

Connection with self & other, integration & next steps. Practice: meditation, individual reflection, sharing circle

Advanced Group

for spaceholders & shamanic practitioners

A 12 week journey for those of you already walking the shamanic path to deepen into this work together, enrich your practice and/or the containers you hold for others. It is a combination of live weekly intimate zoom calls to share and practice together, and some work you will do on your own out in nature.  Requirement: you already have knowledge of creating sacred space and an established personal or spaceholding practice utilising altered states of consciousness. 

 explore a variety of shamanic tools & experiences you get to keep and use in your practice & client work

 ground in the body and embodied consciousness as a portal for shamanic work in a supportive advanced practitioner environment

 develop your relationship with Time as a gateway to understanding nature & your own nature by learning & working with the Mayan Calendar

 expand your abilities to work with death, shadow and dark energies/entities

 move deeper into Earth Consciousness through listening, patterning & connecting to nature and the deeper layers of daily experience in a supportive collective field

 connect with a community of practitioners & spaceholders growing together & have a choice to continue sharing & practicing together.

This program will begin in January 2024. To be the first to know when it launches, join the waitlist below. If you wish to begin sooner, reach out to Zori to see if a private journey might be right for you.

Advanced Group Outline

Week 1: Opening Ritual
Connection with self & other, setting intentions & the container for our shared work

Week 2: The Void

Deepening your connection with Earth & body wisdom, building a foundation of trust in what it reveals to you. Practice: inner dance

Week 3: Nature as Time

Exploring the different kinds of time & the map offered by the Mayan calendar, as an example of navigating time & our place in it. Practice: working with your Mayan Nawal (soul essence)

Week 4: Soul Movements
Bringing consciousness to the deeper movements, patterns and stories running through our lives. Practice: authentic movement

Week 5: Integrative consciousness

Expanding your inner shamans’ embodied capacity to hold the seemingly opposite & find the way to healthy integration and discernment. Practice: polarities embodiment work

Week 6: Opening to the Unknown in Relating
Anchoring the wisdom of expanded and embodied awareness in a shared human context. Practice: authentic relating and circling

Week 7: Bridging human & non-human realities

Expanding our wisdom by stepping into the world of other beings we share our Earth with. Practice: council of all beings

Week 8: Meeting Death as a Teacher

Bringing consciousness to your relationship with the Big and Little Deaths, and opening space for honouring the death & transformation of past versions/parts of yourself. Practice: death ritual

Week 9: Empowering our Speech

Remembering the sacredness of words and creating deep commitment, energy shifts and empowered action with their help. Practice: narichane/bread making ritual

Week 10: Relating with dark energies
Understanding dark energy, entities and spells and integrating the dark witch/shaman inside. Practice: confrontation & empowerment ritual

Week 11: Moving from sacrifice to offering

Restoring right relationship with nature by giving a feast of gratitude for the spirits with the help of the sacred fire, music, intentional listening and speaking. Practice: fire/flower offering

Week 12: Completion Ritual

Connection with self & other, integration & next steps