nature temple Keepers

bringing the Earth back to life in our awareness

7 week online program to deeply meet yourself & the Earth by establishing an intentional relationship with a place in Nature and Her beings


Be the first one to know when we launch – our waitlist registration is open for our 7 week intimate online community journey.

Bloom Where You Are Planted

Grounding: Create a Spot for you & Earth to Meet

Cultivate friendship with a Nature spot near you, and the skills to deeply meet yourself, the Earth & her beings wherever you go.

Nature Practice: 6 Outdoor Meditations & Activities

Each week, you receive an audio recording & instructions to take with you out in nature and be with in your own time.

Community: 7 Live Online Gatherings

Reflect and inquire into what you discover out in nature with like-hearted humans, so we can learn, grow and integrate together.

This is for you if you...

 care about restoring right relationship with Nature, leading change in the way humans relate with it through how you be and what you do

 enjoy exploring new ways of experiencing, courting and relating with Nature Beings

 want to open to deeper listening and intuitive guidance for your own path

 want to make more space for ritual and intentional connection with the Sacred

 would like to cultivate a deeper sense of grounding and belonging to the place where you are right now

 would like to be part of a community of like-hearted humans from all over the world committed to this journey

 are already doing rituals out in nature, for yourself or with others, and want to strengthen your relationship with the place where you do it

 are living somewhere long-term and willing to create a committed relationship with a place in Nature, or are not necessarily settled but would like to bring some new eyes and skills wherever you go

Why do this?

deeply meet and connect with yourself & a nature spot nearby

 GROUND, NURTURE, HEAL AND EXPAND by opening space to deepen your relationship with yourself and the Earth.

 BECOME A NATURE TEMPLE KEEPER, i.e. a friend and protector of the spot you chose, as it becomes yours – a relationship that can evolve and support both of you for a lifetime, even when you are not near to it.

 CREATE RELATIONSHIPS WITH NATURE BEINGS & PLACES in a spirit of respect and reciprocity, wherever you go (eg. when grounding in a new location to live or work in, visiting a special nature spot etc)

 BE PART OF AN EMERGING COMMUNITY, bringing the Earth back to life in human consciousness, so we can foster a more respectful, loving and harmonious relationship with Her, one beautiful place at a time.

    "Stand still. The trees ahead and the bushes beside you
    Are not lost. Wherever you are is called Here,
    And you must treat it as a powerful stranger.
    Must ask permission to know it and be known.
    The forest breathes. Listen. It answers,
    I have made this place around you,
    If you leave it you may come back again, saying Here.
    No two trees are the same to Raven.
    No two branches are the same to Wren.
    If what a tree or a bush does is lost on you,
    You are surely lost. Stand still.
    The forest knows where you are.
    You must let it find you."

    David Wagoner

    Nature-Based Practice Outline

    WEEK 1: introducE yourself

    Ask permission to meet and be met by the nature spot you have connected with in our community call with respect and intention.

    week 2: listen & get to know each other

    Meet the unknown in the nature spot and its beings (plants, rocks, elements, insects, animals) and sense their world, needs and intelligence.

    week 3: offer your gifts

    Create beauty in the form of a ritual offering of flowers, seeds, rocks, poems, songs and anything your heart feels to share as a gift or gesture for the Nature Temple and its beings.

    week 4: open to deeper relationship

    Explore the energetics of your shared space & integrate the Nature spot as part of yourself, locating your body parts in what surrounds you.

    week 5: mirror each other's unfolding

    What is dying? What is ripening? What is emerging? What is being planted? See what the place around you has to say about your inner world.

    week 6: ask guidance for key decisions

    Open your senses, heart and intuition to receive support for important questions and challenges you bring to the Nature Temple.


    Apply now for our 7 week intimate online community journey, starting sunday, october 15th and running until november 26th. 

    Hey you, I am Zori!

    “I am excited to share with you a journey that is very precious to my heart and inspired by Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. 

    I made an agreement with Her 3 years ago. I committed to come daily to listen to Her guidance & stay accountable for following it in my life. A little later, inspired by the local Mayan tradition, with two friends we created a fire altar on Her shores to offer our gratitude, poems, songs, beautiful flowers and smells to “feed” the Lake & Nature Spirits. 

    Over countless mornings spent with Her, our relationship has evolved immensely, teaching me things beyond what I could ever imagine or hope to articulate. I won’t try to do that. Instead, I’d like to hold space for you to create your own place of wonder, gratitude and growth through deep relating with Nature, and let her show you what you need to see.

    My deeper intention is to support our embodied and lived rememberance of the Sacredness of the Earth. The Western World has been objectifying Nature and Her beings for centuries, and we’ve come to a point where the invitation to unlearn this is clear. It all starts with our consciousness, the way we see and relate to what surrounds us. I believe there’s nothing like community to inspire and support us in holding this intention and growing with it.

    I imagine a world where more and more nature spots and their beings are met with the respect, care and love they deserve. I imagine a world where more and more humans are inspired and empowered through the deep wisdom, guidance and nurturance of Nature places and beings. I imagine a world where the consciousness grown in this process is something we find easier to take with us wherever we go, in how we live and create, leaving a more harmonious, peaceful and healthy Earth for those who will come after us. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I am not the only one :)”

    Practical Questions

    What is a Nature Temple?

    A Nature Temple is a place in nature, somewhere relatively quiet, near to where you are that is easy for you to get to. It is NOT a temple in the sense of an existing man-made structure, and you will NOT need to make one! Ideally, it is a place of being and interbeing, without interfering with the peace of the nature around. Once you have established the foundation of your own relationship with it, you can return to it for personal ritual or a sacred space to share with others to deepen connection with self, other and nature.

    What is a Nature Temple Keeper?

    A Nature Temple Keeper is anyone who chooses (and is chosen by) a place of nature to honour, care for and protect. It is someone who cultivates a conscious relationship with a place of nature indefinitely, or for a period of time. A Keeper can visit, and choose to honour, care for and protect any nature spot that calls to them, and create many Nature Temples. In our time together, we focus on opening one nature spot for you to tend to. However, if you are travelling, you are still welcome to join and practice with us wherever you are.

    Who is this for?

    This initiative is for those who care about nurturing respectful and harmonious relationship between humans and Earth, and are ready to allow that care to become a commitment that transforms our consciousness and way of being and doing. It is for those who wish to ground where we are, to reclaim our indigenousity, to deepen in our ability to listen to Nature (and Nature as Self), and our embodied experience of the aliveness and wisdom of Earth and all beings. 

    What's in this for you?

    This is for you to answer and I’d like to invite you to release expectations and open to the unknown and the magic that will emerge as you venture into this experience. All you need to know at this point is whether you feel resonant or called to what you are finding here. Something to keep in mind – part of the intention of this space is to get us out of thinking what we get, and look deeper at what we give to Earth, as a way of restoring balance and respect in our relationship with Her.

    How much does it cost?

    This experience is offered on a sliding scale that will be announced when we launch. You can pay as you choose upfront via PayPal, Wise, Revolut and Bank Transfer. Scholarships are also possible for those of you who feel deeply called to be part of this journey and can’t join at the full price.

    What about dates and timing?

    They are yet to be established. By joining our waitlist, you will be the first to know when we launch.

    What does the journey include?

    ❦ 7 live online calls (call recordings available for a week)

    ❦ 6 pre-recorded nature-based practice meditations & written guidelines

    ❦ access to Whatsapp Group

    Got other questions?

    Reach out to Zori at 

    or Whatsapp: +359 886 913 924