Shamanic drum journey

A safe space to connect to the depths of your inner wisdom through drumbeat, intention and subconscious imagery work.


Activate Your Inner Wisdom

Shamanic Journeying

Align your conscious and subconscious, so they can work together in the fulfilment of your intentions. (individual session)

Shamanic Co-creation

Generate a shared myth to align your subconscious minds to a common vision. (for couples & teams up to 5 people)

Shamanic Circles

Journey to connect to your inner wise one, share and gather insight in a collective safe space. (for groups of 5-10 people)

How does it work?

Shamanic guidance is based on drum journeying – a practice for accessing the deep powers of your subconscious to address a specific challenge you are facing. Based on Michael Harner’s research, it relies on a drumbeat of about 4 beats/second which has been used in many shamanic traditions and helps access a theta brainwave frequency, corresponding to a trance-like state. In this state, you feel like you are dreaming while being fully aware and a journey of visions, emotions and sensations unfolds within you to support your intentions.

Shamanic guidance includes the creation a ritual space, instructions on how to do the journey by yourself or in collaboration with an experienced practitioner, as well as support in interpreting the messages you receive from the subconscious. A session lasts from 2 hours (individual) to 3-4 hours (group work) and can be done both online and offline. Most times, a single session is enough to address your intention and pick up the basics, in case you want to develop this practice on your own. Sometimes people choose to invest in follow-up support to deepen the integration of the symbolic wisdom they receive into their lives.

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What is shamanic journeying for?

Drum journeying can be anything from a powerful one-time experience to a consistent practice the value of which deepens the more we show up for it. It is particularly potent for people on a path of spiritual growth, who have experienced the power of the subconscious and want to deepen their connection with it. Artists and creative professionals use it to connect to source and gather inspiration, insight and symbolic material to use in their work. When applied in couples and project teams, it can be a powerful way to restore healthy and authentic relationship dynamics and co-create a shared dream that speaks to the subconscious, clearing the way forward.


connect to your inner voice and get its guidance for important decisions & aspects of your life.


activate your self-healing capacities to shift limiting thinking and behavioral patterns.


access your infinite imaginative potential and use it to empower your creative process.


use symbols sourced from your own subconscious to grow your capacity to experience joy, focus, peace etc.


build your relationship to the Unknown within and outside of you, so you can explore it with curiosity and playfulness.


learn the art of dream weaving, anchor in your sense of meaning and inspire yourself and others.

"One must assume responsibility for being in a weird world. For most, the world is weird because they alternate between being bored with it and being at odds with it. For me, the world is weird because it is stupendous, awesome, mysterious, unfathomable."

Carlos Castaneda


What others say...

You can journey on your own following the basics outlined in this article. Yet, the skills needed to make the best of the practice take time to mature. If there’s an important challenge you want to address sooner, private support is recommended. An experienced practitioner can guide you in feeling safer in your subconscious dreamworld and bring more clarity in interpreting and integrating what you discover within. It is particularly recommended for those of you who have traumatic experiences with the spirit world and/or concerns or blockages around exploring their subconscious on their own.

An incredibly powerful experience. During the journey, through profound imagery and feeling, I was able to experience what it truly felt like to embody my power and purpose and how such a state of being would impact how I related with life. It is a vision that has stayed with me, an energetic template that has helped me move deeply into my sense of purpose. Zori has helped me establish a playful, creative and mystical relationship with my unconscious mind & life in general.
Marcus Smith
Architect & Artist
In our shared journey, Zori opened up such a beautiful path of development for me. She inspired me to step out of my comfort zone in an amazingly playful and curious way. I very much enjoyed our natural flow and upliftment of each other! The experience also generated a really powerful shift for me, shattering the fear driven layers of protection I had built around my being. So epic to know that love comes so naturally when we let go of fear!
Scott Reefmyer
Educator & Adventure Facilitator
I learned the shamanic journey practice from Zori during a workshop in Bali. It immediately became one of my main techniques to get into the subconscious mind. Since then, I’ve been using it regularly whenever I want more clarity on certain issues. Learning and practicing with Zori is fun and magical at the same time. She is very deep, introspective, loving, kind, sincere, and always willing to share and grow together with others. I definitely recommend.
Anna Nee
Entrepreneur & Traveller

Considering a journey with me?


About Zori

Available online and in person. 

Currently in San Marcos la Laguna, Guatemala

Over the last 7 years, what started as a 20 minute drum journey experiment has transformed into the deepest form of service to myself, others and Nature herself. As one of the oldest spiritual paths, shamanism drives us towards deep engagement with the Unknown within and outside, a sharpening of senses and intuition, a continuous movement towards wonder and appreciation for the mysterious reality we co-inhabit with all there is. It teaches us the art of working with our subconscious, of using the power of intention to connect to the guidance of the Life Force we carry within. 

It has been my deepest privilege to share the gift of shamanic journeying with hundreds of people in circles and private sessions over the last years. By doing this work, we support the healing and evolution of our collective subconscious, untangling the knots and weaving new threads of meaning that alter our lives and the Universe, inside-out. Join me – let’s create a reality you’d like to live in, we’d like to live in, together.