Activate your inner wisdom, intuitive and self-healing capacities thru energy work, altered states of consciousness, plant medicine & nature ritual.

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Cultivate The Wisdom of Play

We live in incredible times of remembering ourselves as Earth looking with curiosity through these eyes at the unique stories we each get to live. The shamanic path is a beautiful way to explore and deepen our direct experience of this by cultivating a deep relationship to Nature as Self and activating the two parts of us that are closest to the world of spirit – the child (bringing curiosity and purity) and the shaman/magician (bringing wisdom and knowing), and with them – the ability to see and celebrate the sacred play of life in all its colours.


and master the languages it uses to communicate with your awareness (sensations, emotions, thoughts, dreams, visions, signs, intuitive knowing etc). Grow your capacity for listening, knowing, trusting your core in the decisions you make.


by connecting with the parts of you that need your loving awareness and support in order to integrate into who you are in ways that are supportive of who you are becoming. In this way, you bring your energy and abundance back in your power.

INTERBEING: PLAY & get in FLOW WITH the web of life

by remembering what surrounds you as YOU, by finding Spirit/Love/God in what appears to be ‘other’, especially in what is bodily, material, mundane, practical, challenging and frustrating. Get playful in creating yourself as you create a perception and an environment supporting your growth & flourishing. 


GET ON a FREE 20 minute call with Zori, so you can check in about working together and create a program with your intentions and needs in mind. ONE-OFF SESSIONS ARE ALSO POSSIBLE.

1:1 Shamanic Guidance

a regular space to connect to your wisdom

In this 1:1 online setting, we co-create a space for you to:

– return to and replenish from Earth consciousness in support of your intentions, working with the deeper layers of your energy and context

– connect with your subconscious and the parts of you that are asking for your attention through the space, practice or ritual that is right for you

– integrate the shifts you make inside in your real world decisions and actions

Contact me below for a free 20 mins checkin call so we can co-create this space for you, based on where you are right now on your path.

One-off sessions

based on your unique needs and intentions

A single session, without or before further commitment. Ideal for addressing a specific intention or challenge you wish to look at. It can happen online and offline and include any, or a combination of, the following:

– intuitive guidance & energy work (conversation-based)

– inner dance (body-based, altered state of consciousness)

shamanic drum journeying (body & conversation-based, altered state of consciousness)

– nature-based ritual & practice

Plant Medicine Work

individual & private experiences

If you are interested in venturing into deeper altered states of consciousness and are located or willing to come to Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, we can explore meeting the psilocybin mushroom spirit together, in an individual, couple, family or friends setting. This work happens with intention and in a package, incl. preliminary conversation, proper preparation, mushroom medicine session in a safe nature setting, and integration. 

Plant medicine integration sessions are also possible, online and offline, in case you have sat in ceremony with ayahuasca, huachuma, mushrooms, bufo or other and find yourself needing a space to deepen into understanding and embodiment of the teachings you’ve received. The process of integration can take weeks, months, years and happens naturally, yet sometimes it can be greatly supported by a gently held space.

Journey into Shamanism

intimate online group program

A 10 week journey for those looking to be held and nurtured in their spiritual growth, go deeper in the shamanic approach to it and strengthen their relationship with nature and their own wisdom, playfulness and intuition. This is a highly experiential space intended to support the unique organic unfolding of each participant. We meet in a small group of max 8 people in order to have space to connect, share and learn together, through ritual, nature practice, embodiment, play, energy work, dreamwork, integration and more. Sign up below to be the first to hear about the next launch (in autumn 2023), and get some pieces of inspiration and gifts from Zori as they arrive.

"Nature is alive and speaking to us. This is not a metaphor."



What others say


"I worked with Zori for 2 years and the transformation I've gone through is quite fascinating. We've moved through so many shadows and, at times, intense pain and darkness -- always with gentleness and often with playfulness and laughter which has helped me navigate my inner landscape from a more grounded place. She's one of the most embodied, grounded, intuitive, and genuine people I've met, and her presence has created beautiful ripple effects on my life. She walks the talk and leads by example ❤"
Ella Valfridsson
Holistic Healer & Reiki Master


"In our shared drum journey, Zori opened up such a beautiful path of development for me. She inspired me to step out of my comfort zone in an amazingly playful and curious way. I very much enjoyed our natural flow and upliftment of each other! The experience also generated a really powerful shift for me, shattering the fear driven layers of protection I had built around my being. So epic to know that love comes so naturally when we let go of fear!"
Scott Reefmyer
Educator & Adventure Facilitator


"I've reconnected with nature and the spirit of the world. And it's been a safe space to go back to my own nature."
"A fascinating, intriguing, wondrous journey!"
"I had 3 extremely intense experiences during this process. They gave me so much!"
"I've deepened my relationship with the land. I now see the shaman less as a big showy thing and more as part of being human."
"I've never given so much attention to the life within me. Thank you!"

Group Participants
from the first edition of Journey into Shamanism


"I am deeply grateful to Zori for introducing me to the magic of psilocybin mushrooms. I couldn’t have wished for a better guide to open the door into these incredible dimensions, so I could walk through it with a feeling of respect, safety and trust. I had several journeys with her and they were so transformative that I decided to invite my family into a shared experience with her, which was extremely powerful for all of us. What I love about Zori is her ability to create a safe organic space where I know I can always reach out to her, but also have absolute freedom to follow my own flow and the mushrooms’ guidance. I’ve also deeply appreciated our integration sessions, which have helped assimilate powerful aspects of my trips that wouldn’t have come into my awareness without her gentle support. I highly recommend Zori’s guidance to anyone looking to meet the mushroom spirit in an intentional, organic and powerful way."
Gabriella Karni
Entrepreneur & Therapist



About Zori

Zori is an Intuitive Business Coach, Shamanic Guide & Founder of the Widening Circles online community, based in San Marcos la Laguna, Guatemala. 

She works as an intuitive guide weaving threads of traditional and emergent spiritual understandings and practices, holding space for those who wish to connect with their own intuitive and self-healing capacities. For this, she derives inspiration from nature, plant medicine, indigenous traditions, and the many spirit and human guides she has met along her path. 

She has deep respect for traditional lineages and the wisdom keepers who go through elaborate initiation paths to be recognised as shamans from their communities. At the same time, she views shamanism as a path highly needed in our time, as it allows for grounded spiritual growth regardless of our access to any specific tradition. That is because in its essence it encourages a return to the ‘one who knows’ within each of us. A remembering of ourselves as Nature in Her wholeness, in each human and non-human being we cross paths with, in the beauty of both dark and light. A way of being and a way of finding and living in right relationship with all there is. 

Zori’s journey with shamanism began in her early childhood when she would engage in conversations with nature beings and perceive the presence of spirits, as many of us have before ‘growing up’ as functional members of a dysfunctional society… She didn’t have the concept of shamanism or spirituality back then, which is why when asked what she wanted to be when she grows up, she would respond – an archeologist, an astronomer or a nature scientist. It took her 20 years to understand that what she really meant was a life in deep connection with the Earth, the Universe and the wisdom of plant, animals, insects, rocks, mountains and lakes. 

Over the last 10 years, she’s been inspired by the work of Carlos Castaneda, Michael Harner, Martin Prechtel, Bill Plotkin, shamanic teachers she’s met and worked with along the way like Pi Villaraza (inner dance), Keith Wilson (cacao), Alonso del Rio (ayahuasca), her own work with plant medicine spirits (psilocybin mushrooms, ayahuasca, huachuma, bufo, rapeh, cacao), the living traditions and rituals of Bulgaria, Bali, Peru and Guatemala. She sees Nature as her main teacher, and owes most of what she shares to countless hours of listening to Her wisdom.

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