The art of relating

creating connection without losing ourselves

A 12 week intimate online group to support the healing of our relational patterns and cultivate safety and aliveness in relationships thru somatic therapy, trauma healing, authentic relating & circling.

“The opposite of belonging is fitting in. Fitting in is assessing a group of people and thinking ‘Who do I need to be, what do I need to say, what do I need to wear, how do I need to act?’ and changing who you are. True belonging never asks us to change who we are. It demands that we BE who we are.”

Brene Brown

Who is this for?

This is for you if you're ready to practice...

Being fully present and connected to yourself and your body while relating with others
Opening to meet the truth about yourself and others,
instead of getting attached to fantasies
Deepening your capacity to love and stay open to connection in the face of challenges
Welcoming differences and conflict and transforming them into growth and deeper intimacy
Understanding and honoring your needs and boundaries so that you can be met with respect by others
✓ Bringing more of you to your relationships so that you can cultivate a deeper sense of belonging


Apply for our 12 WEEK intimate online program, starting THURSDAY, january 11th 2024. Before inviting you in, we will offer you a 30 minutes call to connect and make sure we are a fit.

The Art of Relating Journey

An experiential live group container where you get to witness your relational patterns in real time and heal them with awareness.

Secure Attachment

We co-create a space to cultivate together secure attachment with ourselves, others, and Spirit, so we can navigate relationships from a place of wholeness, health and love. We nourish the divine union between feminine and masculine within ourselves, so we can experience deeper connection, intimacy and belonging with others.

Authentic Expression

We create an environment empowering us to find inner safety in speaking our needs, desires and boundaries. We practice embodying our truest expression among others and staying in connection despite disagreements. We support each other in honoring our instincts, instead of overriding our gut feelings to please others.

Embodied Communication

We listen to our bodies in the context of relating, so we can stay connected with others without abandoning ourselves. We bring ourselves in alignment between mind, heart and body in communicating by watching our relational patterns in real time and allowing new ones to emerge. We embody communication skills to take with us in our real world relationships.

Relational Depth

We practice being with another in their world and owning our experience, so we can take the lead in creating relational spaces of safety and vulnerability in real life situations. We expand our capacity to deeply see, attune to and meet others, as we deeply see, attune to and meet ourselves in the present moment as the ultimate act of love.

Surrendered Leadership

We co-create a space that welcomes us to share our joy and vulnerabilities, our love and fears, our light and dark. We empower ourselves and one another to take the lead of our learning, growth and present moment experience. In this way, we decondition ourselves from staying small and being too much and bring our full power to relating.

Meeting the Mystery

We commit to meeting the unknown in ourselves and one another. We look to free ourselves from our identities and projections, learn to love ourselves and one another as we truly are and open to our fullest potential. In our space, everyone has the right to name their god and bring their flavor of spirituality to our shared space.


I've been working with Zori for almost two years(!) now and I'm so grateful for her unconditional and loving support. The transformation I've gone through over the last years is quite fascinating and Zori has been there throughout the whole journey, holding me, mirroring me, and initiating me on a new path. We've worked through so many shadows and, at times, intense pain and darkness -- always with a gentle approach and often with playfulness and laughter which has helped me navigate my inner landscape from a more grounded and unattached place. She's one of the most embodied, grounded, intuitive, and genuine people I've had the honor of meeting, and her presence has created beautiful ripple effects on my own life. She walks the talk and leads by example.
Ella Valfridsson
Upon meeting Tammy I immediately felt her energy, love and vibrancy. From our first session, she had a loving essence and I felt as if I was talking to a best friend and soul sister who truly sees me for who I am and can relate to me on so many levels. I felt an instant connection with her and have no fear of vulnerability during our sessions.  Tammy's presence and support is like no other practitioner I have worked with in the past.  I've worked with a few therapist and this is honestly the first time I've come to a revelation of my inner child wounds, need for shadow work and and finding the courage to be my authentic self while feeling abundantly supported. My journey through the dark night of the soul has been an awakening, and without Tammy's guidance I'm not sure I would have braved through some of the worst moments these past few months. She is an incredible human being who holds enormous respect, tenderness and encouragement for everyone she works with. 
Adelina Chin
I have lived most of my life in an unbalanced masculine way, always chasing "the next big thing" without taking time to breathe and listen. I didn't know how to get more in touch with my feminine sides and vulnerability. Zori has helped me, guided me, and given me concrete tools that have led me to feel more balanced and in touch with my authentic self, making me proud of both my feminine and masculine sides. I am impressed by how easily she connected to my energy when we only met online. I would highly recommend her!
Kristine Kotte
Tammy helps individuals tap into the core of their being, reuniting them with their truest self. She does this through somatic practices and scenarios which release blocked energy and transforms negative and jarring experiences, both internal and external, into a true understanding and love of self… into love of others. She uplifts and holds space, ever present even between sessions. Tammy leads by example, she is a vulnerable, brave and compassionate soul who is truly aligned with her soul's essence. She inspires me to hope, to dream, to love… to extend myself grace within the shame, the guilt, the self-imposed expectations. She is magic. 
Jessica Koh

Meet your guides

Zori Tomova

authentic relating & circling facilitator

Zori is an intuitive coach, cacao & mushroom medicine guardian & shamanic guide based in Guatemala with over 5 years of experience in facilitating authentic relating circles & community.

Her devotion to creating spaces to deepen connection with self and other is inspired by her lived experience of abandoning and losing herself in order to maintain the love of her close ones as a child. It is a pattern she found herself repeating as an adult to the detriment of her work, relationships and social life.

Zori first encountered authentic relating & circling in Bali and immediately felt the deep medicine it was for shifting this. The practice has become much more than that, opening layers of intimacy, vulnerability and beauty in relating she didn’t even know existed.

Her work is inspired by Circling Europe and helps you deepen in the art of connection by bringing awareness to your authentic experience, cultivating the courage to express it and the skill to do so with ownership and capacity to stay stay attuned to another. The outcome is a magical dance of presence and truth she can’t wait to share with you.

Tammy Chow

trauma healing & authenticity coach

Tammy is a somatic healer, embodiment teacher, spiritual alignment guide, ceramic artist, and designer.

Her devotion to helping women heal from trauma is greatly inspired by her lived experience as a child of an alcoholic, and her journey of overcoming the bulimia, body-dysmorphia, severe depression, suicidal ideation, hypervigilance, anxiety, and low self-worth that plagued a third of her life.

Tammy’s practice is a result of her transformative healing journey back to self and dedication to somatic therapy, embodied movement, recovering creativity, connection with Spirit and ancestral guidance. 

Her work weaves together somatics, science, and spirituality, to help women heal from trauma, reconnect with their intuition, and break free from the internalized expectations that keep them from experiencing the uninhibited expression, power, and expansiveness that is their birthright.

Tier 1: Group Program


12 Live Group Sessions on Zoom

Held on Thursdays (Jan 11th – Mar 28th, 2024) at 9am PST, 11am CST, 12pm ET, 5pm UK, 6pm CET. A weekend group can be considered for those who can’t make it on weekdays.

  • 5x Live Somatic & Relational Healing Sessions with Tammy for group experiences, trauma coaching, and embodied movement to heal from trauma and re-wire your nervous system in a supportive group cohort.

  • 5x Authentic Relating & Circling Sessions with Zori to apply what you’ve learned in a real time relational context, cultivate deeper awareness, embodiment and authenticity in communicating & the skills to create intimacy without abandoning yourself.

  • 1x Intention Setting session with Tammy & Zori to connect with yourself and the others, explore our deeper motivations for this work and let them inform our container.

  • 1x Integration session with Tammy & Zori to reflect on our learnings, impact and support a deeper repatterning of how we show up in relating.

Community Group

  • Art of Relating Community Whatsapp channel to connect with others like you who are on this journey.

  • Journaling Prompts to reflect on what you are learning & share between sessions.

  • Optional placement in a trio or quad for check-ins, accountability, integration & authentic relating practice.

    Early Bird: $888

    Available until December 4th, 2023. Regular Price: $1,111


    Tier 2: VIP Program

    includes everything in Tier 1 + ...

    2x Private Somatic Healing Sessions

    • 1:1 Somatic & Relational Healing Sessions with Tammy for personalized guidance and trauma release to support you specifically on your journey. This time is designed to give you focused attention on your personal blocks.

    2x Private Authentic Relating Sessions

    • Authentic Relating Sessions with Zori to make space for deep shifts in your relational patterns. We can bring more awareness to what you are already aware you want to work on or trust and open to what emerges and asks to be explored in our shared space.

      VIP Early Bird: $1,666

      Available until December 4th, 2023. Regular Price: $1,999