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An online peer support community for experienced therapists, coaches, consultants & facilitators, growing together as humans, spaceholders and conscious entrepreneurs. 

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our next 6 month cycle begins in autumn 2023. join our waitlist to be the first to know about it when we launch, so you can see if it aligns for you at that time.


Unfolding as Spaceholders & Entrepreneurs

Embodied Business

Immerse yourself in an environment of like-hearted experienced spaceholders from all over the world, discovering and embodying more wholesome & integrated ways of being and doing our work in the world.


Choose the thread of intention you want to follow and stay accountable to during your time with us. It can be an intention related to how you want to BE in your existing work, or a professional/business project or outcome.

Masterful Peer Support

Join our weekly live circle with a consistent group of carefully selected peers, where you hold others and are held in embodied presence in what is alive for you as a challenge, edge or exploration.

This is for you if you...

a. You have a specific spaceholding-related business/professional/creative project for which you’d like to get some support over the next 3 months, and/or

b. You have a spaceholding business and an intention of how you’d like to BE in relation to it as you navigate
various questions and situations that arise


 have a minimum of 5 years experience as a therapist, coach, consultant, guide, healer, energy worker, facilitator or professional specialised in holding space for people and helping them grow and transform.

  are actively working with clients in 1:1, group or community settings

are an entrepreneur who has developed their own business and/or someone who has a high degree of autonomy and creative space in providing a professional spaceholding service.

are devoted to serving from a place of deep heart-centred presence that empowers your clients to grow and find their own wisdom.

resonate with our community values of aliveness, authenticity, listening, interbeing, vitalness and emergence.

are ready and willing to open up to give and receive in a spirit of generosity and reciprocity with a group of exceptional humans and professionals.

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Vision & Principles

Widening Circles (WiCi) is a global mycelium network of heart-centered spaceholders, empowering one another through peer support, cross-pollination, community and following what is ALIVE. We follow the values below to co-create a space we can return to and replenish from for the unique work each of us is contributing to humanity’s Great Turning towards more loving ways of being with self, other and nature.

opening to be seen and held in the truth of our embodied experience, and to hold others in theirs. Welcoming ourselves and others as we are.
deeply attuning to ourselves and one another in order to receive the wisdom of the present moment and share it with one another.
allowing for energy to flow between us, trusting our boundaries and co-creating the conditions to enable each others' growth and flourishing.
staying in our hearts, helping one another make our way back to what is truly essential and navigate the deeper layers of what we are moving through.
trusting and following what emerges when we create a shared space to be with what is alive in our individual and collective field.

"I live my life in widening circles that reach out across the world. I may not complete this last one but I give myself to it. I circle around God, around the primordial tower. I’ve been circling for thousands of years and I still don’t know: am I a falcon, a storm, or a great song?"

Rainer Maria Rilke

Why join?


in your natural unfolding as a human, spaceholder and business owner, working with what is alive for you and allowing yourself to receive, deepen, shift and expand in a safe, intimate and professionally held space.


Share your presence and spaceholding skill where it can have huge impact, by supporting the work of peers. Allow yourself to see parts of yourself in what they are moving through, so you can shift with them.


Set your intentions for your business/professional/creative growth over the next 3 months, and stay accountable in them, while also having a space to replenish from and meet what arises on the way.

Develop as a leader & business owner

by sharing a space with other spaceholder-entrepreneurs, who like you follow a path of organic and authentic unfolding in what success means to us, rather than a prescribed formula, process or teaching on that.


of carefully selected inspiring humans, where you can be deeply seen and met in presence, find resonance and shared passion, experience belonging and co-create in the fabric of what emerges in our shared space. 

SElf-nourish and co-regulate

in a space where you can surrender & practice being as you are, restore your energy and motivation, and leave feeling more alive, vibrant and ready to get back to work doing what you love.

Member Video Reviews

Member Testimonials

“Widening Circles has been a space for me to practice transitioning to trust. To regularly show up to what is, welcome it, be heard and witnessed in it. It’s felt like ‘doing human’ collectively, everyone taking the lid off and having a look at what’s going on, realising it’s so much bigger than each of us… It feels safe, nourishing, expansive, full of possibilities and a core strength that I could not possibly have alone. S. D., United Kingdom


My primary goals are business results, impact, and personal development (health and happiness). The Widening Circles is a bull’s eye for me, way more impactful than some kind of “business coaching program” (which would probably cost me 10x the price, incidentally). Why? Business coaching will not address the fundamental issue, which is trauma, which affects my ability to show up, and in some cases the quality of my decisions. There is something very powerful in this particular group, in both of your holding & feminine energy, and in the shared context of being together as space-holders. It’s been a game changer for me. I have profound insights and new directions every week. ” M. B., United States 


“What I value about Widening Circles is that it is agendaless, yet there is space and intention for professional development. It is moving to be deeply seen in my embodied journey of that. And to trust that I won’t be pushed more than clarity naturally pushes me.” R. K., United States 

“I keep being inspired by our group, by the skillshares and EVERYTHING! And amazing things keep happening in almost every lesson I teach, which is so encouraging. I’m becoming ever more courageous, daring to BE so much more, and showing up as a human being more than as a teacher. So thank you SOOO much, you’re doing amazing work. I appreciate this space and you all so so much.” M. C., Germany


Feeling more human and deserving of being cared for, by coming together with other carers that need to be cared for. I’d like to celebrate the visibility of parts of myself (and others) that are normally kept aside. As a carer who’s not used to having a space to be cared for and feel part of a group, the Widening Circles has allowed me to first witness this aspect of myself and, slowly to see and bring it to other’s visibility, diminishing the guilt for its presence and hopefully heading towards accepting and integrating it. Thank you for creating this space! <3″ A. S., Romania


Somehow I’m taking this group more seriously than I have done with other groups in the past. It seems to represent for me ‘humanity’ and ‘other’. It feels big and significant, like meeting a whale or something. Sometimes the old habitual ways of relating come up and I feel distant and see the group as separate from me, as a task or burden to ‘deliver them what they want from me’ and free myself off. And then again I recognise the freedom being present again, realising I chose this group deliberately and I’m not made to do it’s bidding, I’m free with every single one of you. Then I get this majestic ‘whale-encounter’ feeling again where the group comes alive and I’m even part of it! Then it feels new again and I feel touched, honoured, scared, even a little bit devotional in moments, which surprised me. I celebrate all of this, I love the feeling that it matters, and also that I’m leaning into my edge.” B. L., The Netherlands 


“Widening Circles has been at once both inspirational and healing. Being in a space with other spaceholders I’ve felt seen, supported and connected. We’ve experienced everything from deep grief to joyful playfulness together. I’ve also received new perspectives which have changed my way of approaching my life and business. The facilitators have been amazing, holding the space with softness and dedication. Profoundly grateful!” R. W., Austria

Special Guest Series

This is our invitation for you to join us in exploring the mystery and mastery of holding space for others with some very special humans, in your own time. You can do that by listening to our conversations with our Widening Circles community members, as well as elders & masters of this craft we invited as special guests. Below, you will find some of our podcast episodes – to stay up-to-date, subscribe for our youtube channel.

Upcoming 6 Month Cycle Details

Coming up in October 2023

This container follows a need for deeper integration of feminine and masculine that has been emerging in our community. It retains the essence of our peer space, putting our humans first by co-creating a community of mutual support, where we come to deep presence and hold one another in what is alive for each of us on a weekly basis. In addition, we also open for more intentionality, accountability and emergence related to our business/professional/creative unfolding.



a. You have a specific spaceholding-related business/professional/creative project or intention for which you’d like to get some more momentum & peer support over the next 6 months, and/or
b. You have a spaceholding business and wish for a peerhood community space to hold various questions and needs that arise in relation to it


This program has 12 spots and includes 6-8 live zoom circles per month (4 peer support gatherings, and 2-4 emergent ones, relevant to supporting our business/creative/professional projects). You can also reach out to peers for 1:1s and use our Whatsapp community group to share and deepen connections.



This is a 6 month cycle, running from October 2023 to April 2024. We invite you to attend min. 4 zoom gatherings/month (out of 6-8 available for you to choose from each month). Each is 2 hours long and you can attend more than 4 gatherings per month if you wish. Our meeting times are to be confirmed, we expect them to be:

– 8am PST, 9am MT, 10am CST, 4pm UK, 5pm CET on Mondays

– 8am PST, 9am MT, 10am CST, 4pm UK, 5pm CET on Wednesdays



Your financial contribution is to be paid upfront, on a monthly basis or for the entire duration of this cycle. It can be paid in EUR via PayPal, Revolut, Wise or bank transfer, or in USD equivalent via PayPal and Revolut.

Monthly payment: 155 EUR/month
3 Months payment: 399 EUR



The value of this space is in our live interaction and support of one another, which happens in pairs or threes and can’t be recored. Some skillshare recordings can be made, to be used only by members of our community, with their permission.


We ask for your commitment to join us for the full 6 months of this cycle. If anything unexpected comes up, you can discontinue your membership by not making the payment for the next month/3 months. 

In recognition of the living emergent nature of our shared space, we allow it to evolve with us as we go, based on our needs and ideas of how it can meet us better in the intentions we have for our time together.

In this group, we look to Nature as a teacher and don’t offer any educational agenda. Instead we direct attention to shaping an organic environment that supports our growth by following what emerges. We do so by shaping a simple container where we work with what is alive for each of us, and for us as a collective. As we create and hold that supportive nurturing space for ourselves, we can do it better for others. Which is why, we ask:

How do we shape an environment that best supports our growth and flourishing?

Widening Circles Key Question

Our story

Widening Circles’s roots can be traced back to Connection Playground, an online community offering spaces to explore connection with self, other and nature. In turn, it emerged from Deep Adaptation – a community dedicated to enabling loving ways of being in the face of likely or already unfolding civilisation collapse due to climate change. Another major thread that weaves into our work is Authentic Relating & Circling, with the values and ways of being it has inspired in us and many of our members.

In another way, our roots can also be traced to early 2021, when Zori invested $2K in a program to help grow her coaching business. She quickly found that the space was a complete mismatch to her way of learning and growing. She understood she needed less goals, strategies and ‘success formulas’, and more of the deeper work of the energy one brings to personal and business growth and how we hold space for others. She needed less listening to a teacher, and more space to be with like-hearted peers. She needed less focus on form and appearances, and more focus on essence, authenticity and integrity.

With those needs in mind, in a process of intuitive creation with co-founder Maria Perkins (who is no longer part of our community), Widening Circles came into being with 12 spaceholders joining from different parts of the world, backgrounds spanning from working with children, through therapy and coaching, circling & relational leadership, plant medicine, art, VIP therapy clinics and consulting with big corporations. Over the last 2 years of our existence, we have been joined by more than 30 beautiful humans with an average of 10 years of spaceholding experience. 

We look forward to meeting and being with more beautiful like-hearted humans in co-creating an environment that supports our growth and flourishing as humans, spaceholders and entrepreneurs.

About Zori

Zori Tomova is passionate about serving the sacredness of life by creating environments where we can grow and flourish together by deepening our connection with self, other and nature. She does that as an intuitive business coach, shamanic guide and founder of the Connection Playground and Widening Circles communities. Originally from Bulgaria, with an early career in innovation consulting & IT entrepreneurship, her journey has taken her to Bali, Peru and Guatemala and a path of service to what is alive and emergent, as a way of moving in deep alignment with nature and human nature. She has a business MSc from Warwick University, UK, formal training in Deep Transformational Coaching, Inner Dance facilitation, IFS and has held space for thousands of hours of authentic relating, coaching, shamanic ritual spaces (incl. mushroom medicine), embodiment, and various community spaces around emergent topics and practices. 

Would you like to join us?​


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an example month like?

A typical month includes a mininum of 4 peer support calls. The rest of the calls we invite you to co-create with us, based on topics and needs of the community and its members, as well as skills and methods that wish to be shared. Here are some example things we do together:

peer support calls where we take turns to hold space for one another around our personal & business growth edges, intentions and curiosities (usually done in groups of 2-3).

– authentic relating & circling where we practice bringing meditative awareness to the way we relate to one another & nurture the threads of presence and community.-

– emergent circles (around specific themes, practices, skills) where one of the community members holds space for the rest of us in support of our business/professional/creative unfolding
focus & flow, where we each set an intention to bring attention to a creative project we wish to progress on, work on it in our own space & report on our progress.

The community also invites us into:

one-on-one spaces to connect, hold or be held by a peer
an ongoing Whatsapp group to share via text and voice around the emerging spaceholding topic of the month or anything else that wants to be shared.

Do I need to attend all the sessions?

We ask you to participate in at least 4 group calls per month (you can arrange 1:1s when that is not possible). We rarely record our calls, as the space is highly participatory and often the main value is received in intimate groups with 1-2 other members of the space. We invite you to participate live to get the best out of this group.

Who do we consider to be a spaceholder? A peer?

A spaceholder is someone who offers therapy, coaching, healing, energy work, group process facilitation etc. and is dedicated to supporting others to connect with their own wisdom. To consider a spaceholder a peer, we also look for an experience in this field of at least 5 years, an alignment of values and sense of resonance. You don’t have to have a registered business, but we ask that you are working with clients as a spaceholder (eg. it can be within an existing organisation, eductational institution etc).

How do I contribute to the container?

We invite you to contribute first and foremost by co-creating an environment that supports our individual and collective growth. We look to you as a leader and creator rather than the typical training participant or consumer. Thus, we ask you to help shape the container, offer your support, practices, skills, contacts, as it feels right. If you have troubles affording our rates, reach out to us, so we can explore if we can make this work.

What does Business Edition mean?

Our container started as a space of meeting one another in what was present in our unfolding as humans, spaceholders and entrepreneurs. While that base of being with what is alive is still here, we now include more intentionality and accountability, so we can each choose a thread to focus on and be supported in during our time together. We invite that thread to be related to our work in the world, i.e. our business, professional and creative projects.

What is the vision of this community?

We envision a widening circle of spaceholders, conscious entrepreneurs and community activators who meet in intimate online spaces to replenish, support, inform, cross-pollinate, co-create, inspire one another. A global mycelium network, where powerful ways of being, insights and approaches for supporting the unfolding of the love that we are, quickly make their way to the people and communities that need them. By having an opportunity to connect and extend beyond our immediate environments, we open space for surprise, for flow and creation beyond what we can imagine and plan for. 

What is unique about this?

This is NOT a group to add one more thing to learn or do to your schedule. Instead, this is a space where you come to replenish, to rest and be held, and play with and do what you love. We do NOT shower you with content, but rather we give a space to be with what is present for you and let it unfold organically in intimate live circles of spaceholding professionals like you. We do NOT treat you as a consumer, but as a mature free being and co-creator. We are NOT here to help you build ‘a 100K business’, but to support you as you keep finding your authentic way in the life and business you are creating.

Got other questions?

Reach out to Zori at zori@zoritomova.com or Whatsapp: +359886913924