Mushroom medicine

at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

A private healing journey to meet the psilocybin medicine spirit in support of your intentions



Who is it for?

This is for you if you are...
  • meeting the medicine for the first time, or wish to go deeper with it in a safe ceremonial therapeutic space, in a beautiful nature setting with appropriate support
  • looking to heal and expand on all levels of your being (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) in a way that can take years of conventional therapy
  • ready to face your patterns and TRUST the deeper intelligence of the Mushroom Spirit to collaborate with your body and spirit to bring you exactly what you need right now
  • aware it’s time for a big change and that it means it’s important to commit and do your part in the healing and integration it requires
  • open to proper preparation and integration as part of approaching the medicine spirit with respect and getting the best out of your experience
  • coming or willing to come to Lake Atitlan, Guatemala and spend at least a week here
  • NOT taking anti-depressants, don’t have serious heart & liver conditions and neither you nor others in your family have a history with schizophrenia, bipolar, paranoia or psychosis.
  • (optional) interested in potentially doing this work with a close one (partner, friend, family member) in an intimate setting

About the Mushroom Medicine

Psilocybin mushrooms are a powerful medicine that can bring amazing healing and transformation when approached with respect and intention, in a proper dosage, space and setting. They are teachers with their own intelligence that surpasses what our minds can imagine, understand and ask for before meeting them. They carry the wisdom of the forest, helping us experience deeply the interconnectedness of everything and its sacredness, and to see what is growing beneath the level of our consciousness, turning what is decaying into nutrition and growth, just as the fungus do in the wild. 

Thanks to science, we know that they work with our brain matter, opening connections between parts of it that normally don’t communicate, creating new neural pathways and strengthening healthy existing ones. There’s ongoing research showing multiple benefits for a large list of mental health conditions. However, I encourage you to look at them beyond the frame of “a drug that helps you heal your brain”, because they are much more than that as you will find once you meet them and are able to develop your own relationship with them. 

Mushrooms are an incredible spirit ally that opens the gates to the Sacred and a profound direct experience of the wisdom of nature and our own nature. This is why we do this work in a safe outdoor location and combine the therapeutic approach with ceremony, i.e. a welcoming and acknowledgement of all the beings and spirits that choose to join, support and guide us in this work. Once we have checked in and made sure this journey is safe and aligned, is best to release any expectations of what it will be like for you and trust the Mushroom Spirit fully. 

The medicine will give you what is best for you and you are ready for, nothing more, nothing less!


What is the Journey like?

In order to meet the medicine in an intentional and respectful way, and properly support the deep transformative nature of this work, we take care to prepare, ask permission from the Mayan lands & spirits for it, and go through several layers of integration together. You are ready to leave and start making real life changes within a week. 

Day 1: Intention Setting & Preparation

Upon your arrival, we meet for a private conversation in order to connect, bring perspective to your history and context, set & refine your intentions, answer questions. You also receive a preparation guide.

Day 2: Grounding with Lake & Fire Offering

We make a fire offering to the spirits of the Mayan Lands and the Mushroom Medicine to ground & ask for their permission for our work. We introduce you to your Mayan Nawal (spirit essence) & Cross (spirit guides) for additional support.

Day 3: Meeting the Mushroom Medicine

The journey takes place in a beautiful private garden in San Marcos la Laguna with an amazing view of Lake Atitlan. We prepare and open an intentional ritual space & meet the medicine in an organic flow of silence, conversation, music, intuitive voice & touch.

Day 4: Inner Dance & Embodied Integration

We open an organic space of expanded consciousness that helps bridge alternate & ordinary reality, complete any loose threads and fully return to your body. Supported by a specially designed soundscape, intuitive voice and touch.

Day 5: Cacao Ceremony & Heart Integration

We make a flower offering and meet the medicine of Cacao in order to receive further clarity and insight into the way you can ground and make changes to your relationships and environment to further support your integration.

Day 6: Mind Integration & Going Forward

This is our final conversation in which we bring our shared journey to completion. We look into your dreams and the visions you've received throughout our journey and tie everything together, so you have a clear sense of your focus & next steps.



What is included?

We do our work together in a beautiful private setting with a garden and amazing lake view in San Marcos la Laguna. You get everything you need to prepare and have an amazing experience. Travel, food and accommodation are up to you to arrange for yourself (check in for tips, if needed). You will have plenty of time to explore and enjoy some reflection time, local nature, culture and events during your stay.

"Nature is alive and speaking to us.
This is not a metaphor."

Terrence McKenna


What others say

"I worked in the field of security for decades. The medicine took me through the fight I'd been preparing for for all this time, helping me move through so much anger, fear, grief and hatred... I felt like I finally won the fight! And then I realised it was not worth it."
M. P.
Real Estate Entrepreneur
"I've been through a long journey with addictions. The medicine helped me to release another layer of that pattern by helping me to fall in love with balance. I no longer look for intensity, and when faced by it, I am able to stay centred and calm like never before."
R. M.
Real Estate Entrepreneur
"The medicine & Zori's gentle guidance over several sessions with the mushrooms have helped me to address deep seated issues with trust that have been affecting my intimate life by working through my childhood trauma and gathering the courage to have some really uncomfortable conversations with my parents. As a result, I can easily spot and am no longer attracted to the unhealthy relational dynamics I used to fall into, and am finally emotionally available for the conscious relationship I want."
S. B.
Startup Investor
"My military service threw me in a deep depression that lasted for many years. I knew that I didn't want to take the medicines prescribed by psychiatrists and therapists. The journey with the medicine and Zori was absolutely profound. It helped me to get out of my depression and gather the courage to start over. It showed me how I had been letting myself down and how mean I had been to myself. I not only realised I don't want to be like that anymore. I DECIDED I am done with it. And I am. I am excited to go back to life and find my way, step by step."
O. K.
"My work with the medicine and Zori helped me to connect with an unprocessed layer of grief that was affecting all aspects of my life. It opened up a new chapter in my intimate life and a new level of energy and inspiration for my creative process that had been stuck for months. It also gave me the courage & tools to meet the medicine again on my own and work through deep layers of ancestral trauma, which opened so much space for me and my own path."
H. K.
Startup Founder, Ex-Medical Doctor & Writer
"I am deeply grateful to Zori for introducing me to the magic mushrooms. I couldn’t have wished for a better guide to open the door into these incredible dimensions, so I could walk through it with respect, safety and trust. I had several journeys with her and they were so transformative that I decided to invite my family into a shared experience with her, which was extremely powerful for all of us. I deeply appreciate both Zori's presence and support and her ability to give space and welcome an organic flow, which is different each time."
G. K.
Family Therapist, Real Estate & Technology Entrepreneur


LET’s have a 20 minute discovery call TO see if we are aligned. We will explore intentions, make sure this is safe for you, get clear on potential timing and process.

Hey, I am Zori!

I am dedicated to supporting the unfolding of the love that we are by creating spaces to deepen our connection with self, other and nature. For over 8 years, I walked this path, exploring altered states of consciousness and serving others with them without the use of medicine. Unknowingly I was gathering the tools and practices and cultivating the trust and way of being that would later help me to hold myself and others in these powerful spaces.

I met the Mushrooms in Peru, where I spent countless days with them out in nature, healing, learning, transforming. Two years ago friends I sat with recommended my work to others. The Mushroom Spirit guided me to accept the call to service & showed me how to approach it with respect and integrity. Since then, it’s been an honour to open the space for many amazing people to meet the medicine for the first time, or go deeper with it in a safe supportive private environment.

I hold a space of presence, trust and intuitive organic flow, drawing upon my training in inner dance (intuitive voice & energy work), deep transformational coaching, IFS, authentic relating & my experience in nature-based therapy & practice.

I am also initiated as a Cacao Guardian in a Mayan family lineage and interweave my love and knowledge of these lands and indigenous spirituality in our work, so you can learn directly from the wisdom of nature beings and spirits throughout your experience.”

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