Some of you know that over the last 2 months I’ve invested in coaching with an incredible woman who helped me bring consciousness to what used to be a pretty f**cked up relationship with money. In this video I share my story and the outcome of my work with her – a new empowering personal definition of money which over the last month has been surprising me with amazing opportunities to share my gifts with others, while being rewarded generously in return.

This definition is the cherry on top of the transformational process financial empowerment specialist Laura Fredrickson guided me through on regaining my power over my reality. I couldn’t have done it without her. As much as I have explored my definitions before, it would have taken me years or maybe a lifetime to come to such an efficient process of transforming what my mind has realised into what my actual reality looks like.This is why if you feel called to look at your relationship to money, I highly recommend working with Laura, she is incredible! What’s more, she has just released a program that gives you access to her process at an amazing pricepoint, as compared to what I’ve invested in one-on-one coaching support. Check out Laura’s ‘Shift Your Shiz Around Money’ program here!

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