One of the weird things that happened to me in Bali was that I moved to a predominantly vegan menu. I was already vegetarian, but going vegan wasn’t something I planned or imagined I could ever do. I just loved cheese too much. But in Balinese traditional food there is no cheese and milk. So a month or so in it just hit me – wtf, I think I am vegan now?! 

When I returned back to Europe I had an interesting discussion with a nutrition expert. He told me milk is shown to cause depressive & anxious states and all sorts of other issues. He said, however, that being vegan is not a good option either. As a vegan you can run out of key ingredients: vitamin b12 and omega 3 (causing brain damage in the long run), carnitin (needed for well functioning muscles) and iron (blood circulation).

Today I looked at the box of the soy milk I buy and realized they put b12 inside. I went like: ‘Ohhhh, it’s so nice they’ve been taking care of me all along, before I ever knew I needed this.’ I felt so good, grateful and cared for. Then I thought of sharing this with you and looked for a cup. They all looked ugly except that coconut half I used to put my ‘dustcatcher’ treasures in. So I got some extra joy breathing some new life to it and discovering how nice it is to drink from it. I think I am getting rid of my other cups (or not ). Anyway, here’s to caring and to the little big things!


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