Started my day a little low – little sleep, new place, or just one of those days… I saw a client had reached out for support on some hard times he was going through. We had a chat about it and I could literally feel my spirits rising together with his as we worked through his beliefs to bring him back in his power.

As soon as we finished, I headed out in the streets of Buharest and found that I can’t stop smiling. Feeling super enthusiastic about my work and the day ahead. Feeling soooo blessed to have finally found a calling that fits me like a glove – a way to be of service that leaves me feeling more energized, happier, more determined and connected after each client interaction…

It literally feels like magic after years of believing that the normal way to feel after work is tired. And also a powerful reminder of the work I still have on my own beliefs, the ones that have been holding me back from celebrating, promoting and valuing my work properly.

Because it’s a journey and it never ends and that’s what’s so exciting about it. And I freakin’ love it!!!


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