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Ok guys, just look at this! Is a tree? Is it gold? Is it fire? Is it me? Your call ?I can tell you what it is for me. When I was in Bali I had this funny habit. I would go at Sunday ecstatic dance and at some point, when I got overwhelmed with people, I would turn towards the plants that were right next to the dancing hall. I would look at each tree or bush and explore expressing its features in my dance – playing in my movement with its shapes, its textures, the leaves, the branches, the way they were oriented, the sprinkles of tiny leaves, the enormousness of the big ones, the sharpness and the softness that I felt in their looks and spirit. I was embodying and connecting to those creatures on a deep level through my movement, feeling what it’s like to BE them. I was dancing the trees. Fast forward to today, (which also turned out to be my nameday – the day of the Slavonic goddess of dawn, the morning star Zornitsa) and a special day with a special gift for me. It’s the day that a tree did the same thing back to me! I was walking down the street feeling this beautiful strong buzzing energy in my body. I looked up and I saw this guy. What I was feeling in my body he was expressing in his movement from the wind. He was dancing me! How amazing is that? #nature #magic #dance #wilderness #soul #soulpower #innerwork #dancing #living #meditation #walkingmeditation #buzzing #energy #consciousness #consciouscreator #gold #fire #tree #beauty #autumn #soulful

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I know this post might sound strange  you, but an important part of my journey has been a deep reconnection with nature, which comes with feelings of bliss, joy, gratitude and belonging beyond anything I’ve ever experienced before. I choose to share moments like this as an invitation to anyone reading this to look and see more of the beauty that surrounds us as we buzz around doing our stuff. And even more importantly – to reconsider the generally accepted sources of happiness and see if there are others that are more true and authentic to your unique nature. And then go get some!

Love ya!


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