Today is not just any day – it is the autumn equinox! It’s a time in which the entire planet, down to each and every living being, gets to experience an equal amount of light and darkness. A fascinating moment that the ancients took great care in celebrating properly.

If you’ve been feeling the need for some space for self-inquiry and reflection, THIS IS YOUR DAY. As we sync with this special moment in our Earth’s cycle around the Sun, we can connect to our place in the massive and beautiful natural rhythm our experience is part of. This allows us to step into a new chapter feeling Nature’s support. It’s a beautiful experience worth creating for yourself.

So how do we create a space for ourselves to celebrate?

You could join a community celebration, have a wine date with yourself, do some silent meditation, a dance, a walk in the park. You could also prepare an entire ritual space for yourself, adding different elements to bring power to your physical environment and process. There is no ‘right’ way to do this – there is your way, the way which makes you feel like you are stepping in a special and empowering moment. The only thing you need to make sure is present in that space is 1) you and 2) your intention. An intention is a sort of question you are going to answer within the time and space you allocate for yourself. Here are some questions that can allow you to connect deeper to the rhythm of nature and benefit from its support more fully:

1) How do I bring more healthy balance into my life?

As the Earth comes into a balance of light and dark, it’s the perfect moment to look into bringing to balance the polarities that have been creating tension in your life. These might be obvious things like career vs personal time, but it’s often even more interesting if you look into polarities within. Examples of inner polarities are dark/light, feminine/masculine, failure/success, fear/courage, stress/flow etc. Bring awareness to the one that’s causing you most tension right now. If you want to bring yourself back to balance in that polarity, you can try the ‘+/0/-‘ method. Select 3 actual physical places to stand or sit in your room, located next to one another. First you stand in 0, the spot in between, the neutral space. Wait for your mind to empty and connect to your body. Then move to the (-) space and allow yourself to fully experience one end of the polarity for some minutes. How does it feel, what thoughts and images it brings? Wait until you feel the urge to move again back to neutrality. Then move to the other extreme, to the (+) space – what is it like to fully experience that? You can go between those as many times as you like. As you do that, you allow for balance to emerge within your psyche, which will then manifest in your outer reality as well.

2) What are the results of my work so far this year?

The equinox celebrations are traditionally also a time to celebrate the harvest. It’s the perfect occasion to do an inventory check of everything you’ve accomplished this year and ‘reap the fruits’ of your work by taking a moment to appreciate them! So go ahead and make a list of at least 10 things you’ve harvested this year! It’s also a moment to appreciate Nature’s support in the abundance of opportunities, relationships, resources it has provided you with so you could make all this happen. So make another list of 10 things you are grateful for that allowed you to have that harvest.

3) What do I need to let go of?

With harvest comes the time to also prepare the soil so that there is enough space and nutrients available for the next planting season. In psychological terms, this means letting go – of all the ideas, relationships, projects, hopes and expectations that no longer belong in our inner and outer reality. As we do, it’s important to allow ourselves the space to grieve anything we might have put off grieving. And celebrate the space that we are opening up for the new to emerge! What is the one thing you want to let go of right now? You can sit with this question and meditate for as long as it takes for you to release it.

Choose among these intentions or throw them all in your cooking pot and cook them well, adding your favourite spices. Make this the most delicious equinox you’ve ever had!




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