Daily dose of dance! In the west most of us see dance as something we do ‘just for fun’ after a few drinks. I believe we couldn’t be more mistaken to take it so lightly. ?‍♀️

What do I mean? I realized recently that we live in a constant inner war – mind vs body and emotions. We only look at our bodies and emotions when they stop us from archieving what the mind wants. ??

Since we hear it’s good to move, we might go for a run or another sport once in a while. In the rest of the time most of us rely on willpower and discipline and try to control our bodies and emotions, because we believe in the supremacy of the mind. What we don’t see is the huge amount of energy this drains from us and the numerous self-sabotaging decisions we take because we don’t listen to ourselves in our totality. ??

Bali taught me about the power of dance as a way to overcome this – to move your energy, to give you a sense of confidence in expressing yourself, to harmonize the connection between body, mind and emotions, to listen to your body, to get you in a state of flow you can later apply to anything else you want. Over time it becomes a powerful anchor that can snap you back into a positive open mindset in seconds. ??

And no, it doesn’t need to look in any specific way – each one of us has a flow, a unique way of moving that allows our bodies to express fully and beautifully without choreography. You know when you’ve found it when you feel comfortable dancing it anywhere anytime. If you are curious to explore this with others, look for an ecstatic dance or contact improv near you. Love ya! ???‍♀️


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